Macharius Vulcan Conversion

Being the miniature-addict I am, I of course also have a long term 40k project going on. This Macharius tank belongs to an armoured company I am making with mainly tanks from Mortian  Mortian Battle Tank \(not mine). With the Mortian being clearly based on the Macharius, I felt that having a Macharius as the […]

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Norscan Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon

Amongst the Northmen, there are often a few Dawi-Zharr – fire dwarves. Although few in number, the inclusion of even a few of these mercenaries are a bad sign, as they are masters of creating vile and hideous war-machines. Their war engines are no mere machinery, but are instead horrible amalgations of flesh and metal, […]

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Norscan Warhounds and Skald

“In Norsca, wolves and hounds prowl in the flickering shadows of the campfires made by the barbarian tribespeople of the frozen lands. The further north the tribe dwells, the more likely it is that the hounds that follow them will be mutants, their bodies swollen by the energies of Chaos. Brutish and bloodthirsty, the Warhounds […]

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The walking dead: City-slicker

Derek had left the group behind in the hunting store, telling them to stay put while he ran on a scavenging run. Grabbing a pair of hatchets and fashioning a makeshift padded armor with scraps from the hunting store, he snuck past the walker herd outside.  They were not far from a biker bar which […]

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The walking dead: Gun-running

“Right up here, there is a gun-shop. Pissy little place, but sure better than running around with these sorry excuses for weapons.”I ran through the gun-running scenario in Days Gone by. Going for a Scavenger group instead of the murderous psychopath Rick. The goal of the mission is to reach the top left objective (representing the […]

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Norscan Magus Conclaves

There is only one thing that is worse than the Norscan raiders.. The enemy within. Amongst the highest and lowest ranks in our society they hide. Scheming, plotting, and consorting with the dark powers. For what? For greed, the hunger for more power, money, women or simply food. Out of spite, envy or hate for […]

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King´s Cup 18 – Game 4 vs Orcs

Game 4 vs Orcs – Invade For game four, I was again up against Orcs in the invade scenario, which is a scenario that fits orcs fairly well. My list: 2x Bloodsworn hordes, fury 1x Fallen horde 2x Magus conclaves 2x Devourer, breath 1x Cave dweller 1x Troll king 1x Magus, bane-chant, inspiring 1x Magnhilde […]

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