Mierce ice elemental size comparisons

I was in the market for some ice elementals that can play both in my Norscan and my Kislev armies. Checking out both .stl versions and normal miniatures, I landed on Mierce having the coolest looking ice elementals on the market in Vaak, moraine beast and the ice immortal shard beasts. However, I could not find any size comparisons, so I was unsure how big they really were. The base sizes did clue me in that they were fairly big, especially Vaak. However, having them in hand, the shard beasts were surprisingly huge. I also bought Skaadi moraine sorcerer to field as an ice queen along with the elementals, and she is also pretty big, but should fit fine on a 25mm base.

I was originally planning on having Vaak + two shard beasts as an ice elemental horde in kings of war, but that is just not possible to get on a 120x80mm base with the size of these guys. Just Vaak takes up 50% of the base, so two ice giants will have to do as a horde of ice elementals.

So for anyone else considering these guys, I thought I would share a size comparison so you know what you are buying. The space marine is a heavy intercessor on a slightly raised base, so he is already a big guy compared to the guardsman, but in this company, he might be feeling inadequate.

2 thoughts on “Mierce ice elemental size comparisons

  1. I’ve looked at these guys before too (mostly because I’m always looking for an excuse to buy more Mierce stuff :P) and figured they were too big for most my uses. So appreciate the scale shots – great paint as well! I’m a fan of using one big Mierce boy as an entire horde, so a couple of them on a horde base seems legit.

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    1. Thanks!

      I suffer from the same impulse with Mierce. And totally agreed, the huge models make great hordes, fantastic feature of kings of war that you can do stuff like that.


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