Battle Report 1 – Invade 1270pts LoR vs Brotherhood

I managed to actually get some games of Kings of War in this weekend. A couple of nice fellas from a local gaming club offered to teach me the ropes. I brought pretty much all I have painted, added on some magic items and ended up with a 1270pts list, which was the following:

Kislev Scouting Force
Ice Queen, ensorcelled armour (Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez)
Ice Sorceress, bane chant, inspiring talisman (Wizard)
1x Winged Lancers Regiment, potion of haste (Household Knights)
1x Winged Lancers Regiment, potion of caterpillar
1x Winged Lancers Troops
3x Ungol Horse Archers (Halfling Ranger Cavalry)

My opponent made a list to match the unorthodox points limit my list set, and had the following:

Brotherhood Crusade Vanguard
Devoted, inspiring talisman
1x Water Elemental Horde
1x Order of Redemption, mace of crushing
2x Martyr Troops
1x Order of Brotherhood Regiment
1x Order of Forsaken Regiment
1x Swains Rangers Troop
1x Ballista

I have read the Brotherhood list as I considered them for my Kislev. Since Brotherhood has no ranged light cav, I skipped that list for now, but it meant I had a basic understanding of the units. As the elementals did not have surge, I felt I had a decent mobility advantage.


I choose sides, taking the side with the most terrain so I had some cover for my Ungols, as well as some nice avenues for my pathfinder Lancers. I almost set myself up to fail by placing the pathfinder lancers behind a wall, but my opponent was nice enough to tell me that walls and pathfinder don´t mesh, so they went on the left, ready to fight in the mid-field forest. I ended up with strong flanks and pretty much nothing in the center.

turn1The brotherhood gets the first turn and advance at a calm pace, staying behind their Martyr speedbumps. The ballista lands a good 4 wound hit on the pathfinder lancers, while the Rangers do a similar number on Ungols on the right flank.

In return, I pushed the haste lancers on the right flank full speed ahead, aiming to set up a trap for the Forsaken to win that flank. Katarin hovers behind an obstruction, having a good flank charge on anything charging the haste lancers. My Ungols on the right flank put enough wounds on the Ballista to rout it

My left flank hangs back, trying to send the Martyrs to heaven by pelting them with arrows, but the Martyrs decide to hang around on earth for a little while longer.turn2In the second turn, the brotherhood identifies the trap and tries to turn it into a double-trap. Their Knights turn to threaten a rear charge if I go for the Forsaken´s flank, and then the Forsaken go in. The rest of the army hangs back, with the Rangers putting enough wounds on the Ungols to waiver them. I was planning to throw those guys in front of the Knights, so that sucked.

turn2bThe knights are pushing their max range though, so some measurement later, and I figure out that a 2+ overrun will take Katarin out of their range. With glee, the Ice queen and haste lancers close the trap and easily rout the Forsaken.

On the left flank, the pathfinder lancers charge the elementals, but unfortunately bounce. The Ungols move up to be annoying, blocking the Redemption knights and taking out a group of Martyrs with their bows. The lancer troop charges the other Martyrs and blow through them, pushing up against the Redemption knights.

turn3Turn 2 was great, but in turn 3, the brotherhood takes a horrible revenge. On the left flank, the elementals roll hot and blow through the lancers. On the right flank, the Rangers shoot the other regiment of lancers off the board. The only positive is that the Redemption knights bounce on lancer troop in the center.

In my turn 3, the Queen flies behind the Rangers, wishing that her dragon had a breath attack, while the Ungols on the left dance around the water elementals. turn4Turn 4, the brotherhood Knights turn to face the Queen, while the Rangers fire at her, putting something like 5 wounds on her. The Redemption knights rout the troop of lancers in the middle, while the water elementals try to catch Ungols to no avail.

In my turn 4, the Ungols and Sorceress finally manage to disperse the elementals. Katarin charges the knights.

turn5During the last two turns, the left flank is cleared of enemy forces, with the Devoted going down to Ungol arrows and Sorceress ice bolts. On the right flank, the knights are killed, and I believe I might have gotten the Rangers as well. The Ungols are able to keep away from the Redemption knights.

With that, the game ended, with a win for the forces of Kislev. Thanks to my opponent for a great game, I really enjoyed the experience.

Army performance:
– Great performance, with good nerve, iron resolve and defense 6, she feels very resilient. She is also a great offensive tool, having the mobility to get in flanks and with a decent 7 attacks with TC1 and CS2. I found no use for heal, and can´t see that being very useful because she probably has better things to do most of the time. Having a mobile inspiring to join a flank is very nice though.

Lancers with pathfinder – Not great performance in this game, but seems very useful to have a unit that can engage enemies in terrain efficiently. The item seems needed, as it is very easy to lose TC.

Lancers with haste – Decent performance in this game, the haste item also feels good to have, giving them the threat range edge over many other cavalry units. It really feels like the lancers are out of the game once the lose TC though, and with 14/16, they felt more fragile than I had expected.

Lancer troop – These guys had a good showing, they are a decent threat, the enemy can´t expose flanks to even a troop, and they are cheap enough that they can go in to just block up the enemy. With TC2 and 8 attacks, they will probably do some decent damage as well.

Ungols – What a performance! These guys very surprisingly all made it through the battle alive. They don´t shoot all that hard, but with 4+ ranged, they hit enough to force tests all over, and fragile units like the ballista need to fear them. Being nimble is also awesome, allowing them to dance around enemy units. I also several times saw opportunities for flank charges with them, only mocked up by them not having pathfinder combined with me stuffing them in terrain. I foresee these guys getting a lot of surprising flank charges in the future.

Sorceress – Decent in this game. Bane chant did not feel critical, as I have lots of TC, and it is not a super awesome boost to Ungols, since they shoot so few shots. I did get a surprising amount of ice bolt (fireball) out. I would have thought that with 12″ range, that would be impossible, but she spent like 3 turns churning ice bolts into the water elementals and Devoted. Having an inspiring source on the other flank was also critical. Non-inspired rout tests really suck!

In my opponent´s army, the MVP was clearly the Rangers. 4+ elite shooting with piercing 1 was a pain in the ass, putting 4+ wounds on anything they saw throughout the game. With stealthy and 15/17 inspiring nerve, I had no real chance of taking them out with shooting either.

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