Spring of War tourney report

With the latest CoK addition to Kings of War, a lot of new playstyles have opened up for all armies. Lots of underused units were buffed, and conditional inspiring becoming normal inspiring also helped a lot in opening up new builds. I have been trying to make my Norscan, almost all infantry-based army work for […]

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Pile of Shame FEB22

With the first month of the new year passed, I’ve been taking stock of my projects. And boy do I have a bunch! Some of these have not been touched for many years. It is probably close to ten years since I played FoW for example, and they will likely stay that way unless sudden […]

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The robber baron

When the comet struck Mordheim, it also threw the rest of Ostermark into anarchy. Baron Bernward of Bleakwald lost everything in the chaos. With his daughter and last retainers, he turned into a robber Baron, waylaying travellers all over Ostermark and Stirland in the hopes of one day rising back to his former stature. The […]

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PDF armoured fighting vehicles

When I got my transport trucks from Old Crow, I also took the opportunity to buy a bunch of the other tanks, as I enjoy their designs. However, while the trucks could be used just fine with some added rivets, the tanks were just way too small. Being more realistic 25mm scaled, their profile was […]

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Building Vogen City – 01

After foraging for terrain parts for a good while, I finally found motivation to actually start some proper building of Vogen city. I stumbled across a youtube video from Zorpazorp, which solved one of the biggest issues with a gaming board – how to combine the great looks of a static gaming board with modularity […]

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Creatures of Evil

Corrick put a hand on his shoulder, pointing into the wind. Rallen
turned and gasped, clutching at the parapet for support. Less than a league
away, the grassy plains disappeared, replaced by a rolling sea of black cloud.
A fresh and jagged scar of earth was all that marked the end of one realm
and the beginning of another.
‘Lorenthia is gone,’ whispered Corrick. ‘The Shadow Deep has
swallowed it whole.’

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Rogue trader chronicles 03 – bounty hunting

“Hey captain.”
Hans Chaaran waved him over to one of the fallen assailants.
“These guys seem fairly well equipped for being low level muscle. Someone must have a lot of creds to outfit a group like this. Since we got them on the run, maybe we should follow them a bit, have a looksee?”
Gideon picked up a lasrifle in good condition, turning it over to inspect it.
“Yes, might even be a bounty on a warlord like this, see if you can pick up their trail while I ready the crew.”
Hans grinned at the prospect of hunting bounty again.

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