Gorechosen Finished

With such great figures, it was no problem to knock them out fast. I also got the Bloodstoker from the AoS starter set. I am very happy with the set. The NMM bronze and steel is not pro-level, but looks good IMO, especially for boardgame pieces. The only figure I did not love out of the box was the Exhalted Deathbringer, who had a very demonic head. I swapped his head for one from the Marauder Horsemen box (got some spares from the work with all the Kislev horses), giving him more of a Norse look.

I also tried the game, and as I suspected from reading the rules, it is a really cool game. Easy to understand and play, but with room for tactics. I can´t wait to host some gaming sessions with these guys.

I am planning to make some custom character cards for some other great miniatures that I want to join in the arena fun. The Mighty Lord of Khorne, the Juggerlord and the Slaanesh Lord on a wurm will all get custom rules and join this fine group of gentlemen for some classy blood sports.

Click images for larger view:

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