Rad storms over Oslo – This is Not a Test Battle Report

Oslo, Norway. Year 2025 / Trump + 8

The Opera, a dangerous place filled with Phantoms

The reasons of the war are already forgotten. All that is known is that the world as it was, is no more, destroyed by war, fallout and pollution. Oslo is in ruins. Immense rad-storms routinely ravage the sad remains of the tiger city, mutant monsters roam the now empty streets.

A giant molerat on the roof of Gunerius shopping centre

The Factions of Oslo

In this new world, the few survivors band together in small groups, trying to survive nature and each other.

greens_lineupThe Grünerløkka Greens, a tribal warband living by the holy party program. They charge into battle shouting the prophecy written in the party program: “Car-free Oslo by 2030!” By current trends on car ownership in the capitol wasteland, it seems their prophecy will be proven correct.

Raider Champion, shotgun, light weapon
Broiler, flamer
Maniac, metal armor, light weapon
Wrecker, heavy weapon
Wrecker, 2x light weapon

gormands_lineupWestside Gormands. A small family with an impressive linage lead by Konrad Magnus Wilhelmsen III. It was never an option for the Wilhelmsen family to stoop so low as to eat rats and other disgusting animals. So when the years of famine hit, they instead turned to “the other white meat”.

Brute, Chainblade, metal armor, berserker brew
Scrap-taker, missile launcher, riot armor
2x Wrecker, light weapon, pistol

01dee3087d906128f9f2a3c3d149ca3d829d260924Sentrum Police Force sees itself as a group that brings law and order back to the capitol wasteland. Their justice is fair and swift. Juvenile delinquents get an explosive collar strapped around their necks and are pushed into battle in the frontline, while real criminals receive swift mercy by bullet or blade.

Linebreaker, primitive shield, metal armor, balanced light weapon, berserker brew
Linebreaker, 2x blades, mesh armor
Officer, shotgun
Officer, sniper rifle
K-9, riot armor
Sacrificial lamb, light weapon

enclave_lineupThe Trump enclave is the remnant forces of the invading Trump government, still claiming to be the rulers of the capitol wasteland. Very few in number, they make up for it with the remaining might of the military-industrial complex. Reinforcements seems to have been delayed a bit, going on 6 years, but they will surely be here soon to make things great again!

Reclaimer, power armor, plasma rifle
Eyebot, large caliber aerosol gun, riot armor
Mr. Gutsy, metal armor, 2x light weapon
Protectron, metal armor, 2x light weapon

screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-15-14-37A rapidly approaching rad storm has led these four group towards the same goal: Supplies and shelter. A single building is still standing, the only safe place to hide from the incoming rad storm. They need to get inside the building, grabbing any supplies they can from the surrounding ruins before the storm hits.

Scenario: Supplies and Shelter

starting-positions“Supplies”: There are 6 supply caches spread around the area, each is worth 1 VP and can be picked up as a free action by any model. The model carries the supply cache and will drop it anywhere it dies. The supplies can also be dropped or passed on voluntarily.

“Shelter”: The gas station is the shelter. Each model in the warband inside the gas station on turn 8 is worth 1 VP. Each leader is worth 2 VP.

“Head of the snake”: Each leader killed is worth 1 VP.

“Angry owner”: Secret extra objective. 1 VP for each wound inflicted on the super mutant.

016ee4b7b9fb835b5a37cfa362cdd7829ad0e78259The four warbands started in each corner, all of them moving cautiously towards the shelter and supplies, no one wanting to commit too early on. However, not all was quiet. Spotting an enclave Mr. Gutsy far away, the police sniper lined up an impressive shot and took the floating robot out as the first casualty.

01fbd67e0d3dd04a97ca01f77a81581ceb84faa152Hearing the shot ring out, the Green´s mongrel roared and charged 14″ straight towards the police.

01764abd259268024fb8738288395d9765fa9bc4bcThe police K-9 meet the charge, the two beasts roaring and growling until only the better armored and trained K-9 remained standing.

01e488ba34578728eaa1d6a4962f08d3b5d2c839daThe K-9 continued it´s charge, jumping into a window to attack two suspects. It was overwhelmed by Jockstrap and Maximus after failing to pierce the metal armor of Maximus.

019d3e2d7089108b28d9f8ab4ce81167c16ccd2d64Revenge was swift for the loss of K-9 however, with Slick blasting Jockstrap straight off the roof of the gas station.

0140d277cd1ae966467f6abba510d5b58afb2eccbdOne of the more curious tactical moves came from the Greens, who sent the flamer up into the second floor of a building far from any objectives or action for unknown reasons. Sniper-flamer?

01cc5706f0370b4c626f502ab5210f17905c5f404dThe Gormands were very cautious, struggling with climbing the containers.

010f33fbfe6492cbb05a6fe06f20d9ebc61965bc69Bubba Fett did spot an opportunity to take out Sgt. Anderson of the Enclave however, landing a rocket launcher shot through several windows and doors on the power armored man. When the dust settled however, Sgt. Anderson was still standing, unharmed.

01c7d387fcb98ac8b2ed6130e7e101b2e490f7de8fSeeing this, Konrad Magnus Wilhelmsen III. decided to take things into his own hands and jumped the fence, heading for the power armored man.

013caa33b70c1d66e6c4a3fcb8b60a9f37f4fbaa83Sgt. Anderson grinned inside his helmet, pointing his plasma rifle towards the stupid brute he pulled the trigger. “Pzt!” It malfunctioned! He frantically grabbed for an extra power pack when his day turned even worse as his armor froze up as well. *#!%!# “Made in America!” he thought as the brute barrelled down on him, hoisting his giant construction tool.

013ca8692f406236bd608c01f94268a4b98382ea87The enclave leader was down.

01280982bacb3c92810272c101ee3d56f1573a85e2Konrad Magnus Wilhelmsen III.´s victory was short lived however, as the eye-bot engaged it´s defensive measures, spraying the brute with it´s self defense spray, also known as highly toxic gas. The Gormand leader was also down. Apparently a diving helmet does not help much against toxic gas when you have disconnected it from any air supply.

01325f2b9c861a7b179c3251403561fe4f1c952a01A third leader had also unknowingly punched his ticket, as the Green´s leader covered from police sniper fire, he had not noticed that the Gormand missile launcher had changed positions. A few seconds later, he was recycled into a fine mist. Waste of a meal though.

01cb1156d600f65abaab23ca6efb3c5eb71bca6da9The police juvenile delinquent had moved very close to the gas station to pick up supplies, and in doing so alerted the proprietor of the gas station to her presence.

01ddda82cd3e2762a2b533377226ed0304a66eba24A giant super mutant charged out of the gas station, engaging the police forces. Alice held it at bay, even managing to slid a knife into it´s gut, hurting it badly. The juvenile delinquent decided to silently slink off in another direction as the super mutant engaged Alice.

01e659699cf309bd80dc5b66e70ed88cc62bc4cd52The police chief charged in to help.

01b0cb93cfd4d313f5ca331d7ad71a3458b21eb949But he did not fare well, and was smushed by a signpost. The last leader was dead, although nobody got any points for that kill at least.

01514539c818c1602df04ee42578762de0c4771704Moments later, Alice also caught a signpost to the forehead, and Slick was gassed by the Enclave Eye-bot while trying to get a shot at the mutant. The Eye-bot however got used as a baseball by the super mutant just after, leaving that side of the battlefield to the super mutant.

01857a1e01e219c653b54061e56a86eec9d3e4cd86The Greens had got in position and entered the gas station, drawing the attention of the super mutant.

01017acb49b13a71b9aca58d15044c1ac8fbf65cdeSomehow, the melee 4 broiler managed to keep the mutant at bay for three turns.

015cea7d9b3d7be89f212aa5eb15474af16190cc22The juve jumped into the gas station and got into a fight with Motorhead. That was a fight she could not win, and she received her pardon.

01101819732529e3df7b34e08d99de19f171aac9e1Seeing the storm approaching rapidly. The Gormands charged in, knocking out the Enclave Protectron, grabbing several pieces of supplies and engaging the Greens in melee combat inside the gas station.

01edc88286ba8e3522b314e11149e73a07aba00885Neither side managed to get the upper hand however, and as the storm closed in, the few remaining fighters on all sides understood that this fight was over. The Gormands had the commanding position, with the Greens close behind. The last remaining policeman decided to not care too much about law and order at this time.

0199f32866c67049281186eba7a423ccd05503a583Together they fought of the super mutant, and hid in the gas station as the storm hit.

survivorsThe few survivors gathered together in a new gang, the Green Gormands, hating cars and always hunting for the other white meat, they are ready to make their mark on the capitol wasteland.

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