Gryphon Legion commander Tordimir Lubovasyn

The Gryphon Legion is a regiment of elite winged lancers that often operate as mercenaries outside Kislev. However, in times of need, they heed the call of the Tzarina and will join the defense of the motherland.

Tordimir Lubovasyn is the current commander of the Gryphon Legion. He is a valorous, but stubborn and fiercely independent man. He is loyal to the Tzarina but does not want her meddling in his running of the Legion, and as such, the Legion operates outside the normal hierarchy of Kislev. Tordimir informs the Tzarina of all contracts undertaken by the Legion but has resisted asking for permission, even formally. Tordimir has an unimpeachable reputation for valour, and the Legion is fiercely loyal to him, so the Ice Queen treads carefully. She is, however, paying attention to lower-ranked officers in the Legion, looking for someone more accommodating to groom as Tordimir’s successor.

As the great northern war approaches, Tordimir has returned his Legion to the homeland. Riding atop his personal griffon, he leads his men in the charge against the foul men and beasts of chaos, the legendary griffon wings of Vladic Dostov shrieking on his back as he descends on the enemy. 

Tordimir is based on the old Knights Panther Grand master, with a Gryphon Legion head, added back-wings and a button for a shield. The griffon itself is the Island of Blood high elf griffon.

In KoW, he will mostly be used as a duke on winged aralez, a role he has played admirably in over ten games, with only one loss for the army. For 170pts, the duke is a great tactical piece, with enough attacks to force the enemy to take him seriously when he is in their rear or flanks, but cheap enough to not dominate your army build.

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4 thoughts on “Gryphon Legion commander Tordimir Lubovasyn

    1. The shield is a button bought on eBay. I searched for “shield button”, which yielded many options. I will use the same shield for all Gryphon Legion. The only issue with using buttons is getting rid of the thick steel ring at the back of the button, that took lots of swearing to get off, not looking forward to doing that at least 8 more times.

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  1. Might be an option, but I think the detailing is a bit too shallow to turn out good with green stuff. Maybe I should pull out the Griffon legion guys and finish up the unit, long time without new Kislev units.


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