Norscan Chosen

My name? Long ago such worthless details fell from memory. I know only the lust for glorious battle – for blood, for victory! I seek only the Eye of Khorne – his favour, his grace, his Dark Gifts – that through them, I may be remade – reborn! Why do we raid your lands? Why do we burn your homes? Why do we flay your flesh? To serve the Lord of War and his magnificent designs.”

—Chosen of Khorne

Adapted from – Warhammer Fandom

The Norwegian Kings of War community has recently had a multibase diorama competition. This finally kicked me into gear to finish up my Norscan elite, or Sons of Khorgan / Huscarls.

Game-wise, the foot sons of Khorgan where just outmatched to their mounted cousins in the previous edition of the rules. With v.3 out now, the foot Sons still feel a bit outmatched by their mounted counterpart, as they are actually 10pts more expensive, with less speed and only slightly improved attacks. They have gotten wild charge 1, which helps them a slight bit, and the mounted version have lost fury, so it is probably fairly close in value. A regiment and a troop performed very well in a doubles tourney I played shortly after v.3. 15/20 attacks at 3+ with CS2 is nothing to sniff at, and with Phalanx getting a big boost, it might pay off to have some infantry mincers too. However, I am also seeing that the meta might be going for a lot of artillery, and then, the stealth and speed of the mounted version beats out the foot guys again.

I will experiment with some lists with either 3x troops or a regiment to see if they can earn their keep in this new edition, or if they will just look good on the shelf. combined sons.jpg
One of my favorite features of Kings of War is the multibasing, and the  opportunity this gives to create mini-dioramas. The basing / diorama style of my Norscans is based on the image below, and the mightiest of the Norscans should of hopefully evoke the feeling the most. One unforseen consequence of me painting the Ostermark casualities is that I feel the need to make a full unit of these guys, as I just love the look of the yellow, purple and dark armour. Might have to hit up ebay for some older empire figures soon 😀
chaos sacking city

Click images below to view more pics of the units.

Chaos Chosen are those blessed few amongst the ranks of the Chaos Warriors who bear the favour of the Dark Gods far more than their fellows but have not yet become strong enough to take on the mantle of a Chaos Champion.

Known amongst their kind as Chosen, these warriors are bestowed with a variety of daemonic weapons, armour and gifts as a reward for their faithful service to Chaos. These gifts can vary greatly, but most mutations tend to be useful as weapons that aid the Chosen in his quest to inflict devastation and misery upon his enemies. Even if a Chosen warrior bears no such stigmata, it is clear that he carries the grace of the Dark Gods simply from his aura of dark menace. Amongst the ranks of Chaos Warriors, the Chosen are truly the nobility of Chaos.

Chaos Chosen will always lead by example, fighting not as commanders but as elite warriors. In this way, the Chosen hope to attract yet more of their master’s favour and ascend to the ranks of the truly exalted. They advance unflinchingly through black-powder firestorms, hails of arrows and punishing artillery, their purposeful tread never falters as they march ever closer to their prey. Battle lines have buckled and broken at the mere prospect of a warband of Chosen closing in upon them, blades raised so that the methodical butchery of the foe can begin. Few can stand against the full onslaught of a Chaos Warrior, even fewer can stand against the savagery of a single Chaos Chosen in combat.

As befits their name, the Chosen are the elite of the Chaos forces. It is they who can ascend to daemonhood, or plummet into the oblivion of the Chaos Spawn. It is the path of the Chosen to which all mortal followers of Chaos aspire, and it is from their ranks that the mightiest of Chaos warlords arise. These ironclad slaughterers often form the inner circle of a Chaos Lord’s warband, or fight as elite Huscarls amongst the tribes of Norse Chieftains. Every head claimed by their powerful weapons is met with a roar of bloodlust from those warriors nearby – for they too seek to become the Chosen of the gods

From – Warhammer Fandom

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