Kislev Ungol Horse Archers – 80% finished test unit

I have hit the point in my hobby life where I have more money than time. After years of fairly hardcore 40k and Warmachine gaming, including a tour to the 40k ETC, I hardly ever get a game in.

In this new life environment, I decided to go for a different side of the hobby that demands less organizing, the painting and modelling side.

I have always wanted a Kislev army, I love the look of their winged lancers, ungol horse archers, bears and ice sorceress. I managed to land a haul of almost 50 winged lancers, 18 horse archers, 24 kossars, the ice queen and 5 gryphon legion for somewhat less than the normal ebay prices, so now I have something to do for the next couple of months =)

I found a great blog: Riders of the dead with an awesome looking Kislev army, so I decided to go with the same theme and also to use marauder horses for my guys as well. A warning to any other poor souls thinking about starting a Kislev army – think very carefully about using marauder horses. They look really cool and are dynamic, but it takes a hell of a lot of work to make them into good horsies. I have spent far too many hours cutting away spikes and chaos stars and greenstuffing holes 😛 Pistolier horses, while not as cool is probably the saner path to take.

I initially was planning to base everything on round bases for looks, but was convinced to do multibasing after discovering Kings of War. Multibase looks even better than rounds IMO, and after having looked at the rules of KoW, I could see myself playing some games sometime in the future if I ever finish this army.


These guys were my test unit, they are one guy short at the moment, he is waiting for his horse. They will also receive some snow and branches on the base to up the “Kislev tundra” look of the unit. I might also dirty them up a bit to get a slightly more realistic look, but that will probably wait until I have painted up more units. The goal of this project is that it should look good as an army, not that each individual figure should be amazing.

I also painted up one winged lancer as a test:


The facemask is greenstuffed, I think the guys with visors look much better than the rest, so I decided that pretty much all of mine will have their visors down. I have enough for a full unit of them painted up, but still working on the horses.

My initial production plan is: 
2 units of 8 winged lancers
1 unit of 4 winged lancers
3 units of 5 ungol horse archers
1 ice queen on frost drake
1 beast shaman

And I hate painting horses, so this is going to be great =)

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