Batch painting horse madness

Allright, they are finally done, a total of 35 chaos marauder horses have been de-chaosified with only minor cuts and bruises from the process, and are now also all painted! It has been a huge chore, but man do they look way better than the monopose old GW horses.


Of the 35 horses, 15 will be used for Ungol horse archers, split into three units on multi-bases with 5 on each. The ungols have also been batch painted when I needed a break from all the horses, so only missing the bases for these guys.

16 horses will be used for winged lancers, split into two units / multi-bases. I believe 16 man “squadrons” was a common way to organize knights in medieval times, and I think 8 on each multi-base will fit well to stop it being too crowded as well. I have painted up 10 winged lancers ready for a fight as well, although I will not be able to finish any unit of these until I can find some nice looking banners. The stock winged lancer standard bearer is meant to be used with a paper banner, which is just not cutting it in our modern day and age =)

The last 4 will probably be used for an Ungol lancer unit, based on the old imperial guard Attilan rough riders (If I ever receive that auction win).


With that lineup, I am staring to have something resembling a Kings of War army:

2x Knight regiment
3x Mounted Scouts Troop
1x Mounted Sergeant Troop

I might run the Ungol horse archers with the carbine upgrade that grants them +1 piercing at the loss of 6″ of range and points bump to represent their strong composite bows and great skill at horse archery.

My next project after finishing up this cavalry will be the exalted Ice Queen Tzarina herself, riding a mighty frost dragon. By adding her, I will have a 1000pts Kings of War army, that, if nothing else, will be fast moving =)

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