First finished Kislev unit

Finally got the test unit finished to an acceptable state. Might add some more weathering later, maybe some blood, bruises and more grime, but need to work on my weathering techniques before I continue with that. I will probably also add bow strings to the army if I can find a good and quick option for that. The champion and musician kind of look like they want some shields, so maybe they will get a shield strapped on them some time as well.

This unit is the “command” unit of the Ungols, with musician, champion and standard. They will soon be joined by two more troops of horse archers which are just missing their multi-base. Hopefully, some time in the future, when I can again work up the motivation to de-chaosify more marauder horses, they will be joined by several troops horse archers and steppe lancers to get the “mongol horde” feeling for the Ungol part of my forces. For Kings of War, I guess I will never really need more than 3 troops of horse archers, as they hardly seem like the mainstay of any army.

I went for five per base for these guys, initially just because that is “what it says on the tin”, but I think it might help add some difference between the Ungols and the more civilized parts of the army which I have planned 4/8 per base for the cavalry.
Horde vs. Organized. We´ll see if my plan works or if I end up with 10 lancers per base as well =)

This is my first foray into snow. I think it turned out decently, especially when viewed from standard tabletop distance. I especially like the effect I got with the snowy grass.


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