Candid butt shots (dragon WIP)

Some paparazzi managed to sneak some candid shots of the most awaited butt on the internet:


Or in other words, I have started painting the Ice Dragon.

The dragon is “Bahamut King of Dragons” from D&D attack wing. I wanted a dynamic and flying dragon as a mount for my Ice queen, but struggled with the flying part, not liking GW´s limited offering of dragons in flight. D&D attack wing actually has a good selection of flying dragons. The material is softer plastic than most model kits, but I think the details are still good, and it paints up well. The size is a bit smaller than I had hoped for, but still large enough that a heroic 28mm figure looks right on top of it and because of the huge wings and flying pose, I am sure it will tower imposingly enough over the battlefield.

Let me know what you think

2 thoughts on “Candid butt shots (dragon WIP)

  1. I’d mostly discounted the Attack Wing models for 28mm games, but it looks like I may have been hasty. I think the poor quality pre-painting makes a lot of these models look worse than they are, perhaps? Have you tried any Reaper Bones plastic models, I wonder how they compare side by side?


  2. The poor quality pre-painting certainly does the attack wing models no favors.

    I don´t have any of the bigger Reaper Bones models, just some infantry. I am not a big fan of the smaller Bones models, the details are very shallow, and anything resembling “sharp edges” are a joke. Compared to the Bones I own, I think the detailing is better on the D&D model. Bahamut has nice looking scales and good depth in the details.

    I have read that the bigger Bones models are pretty good, and they are cheaper than the D&D models, so might be worth trying. I would have given it a shot if they had a good looking flying dragon.


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