Lots of cavalry

The mounted part of my army is nearing completion. Two full regiments and a troop of winged lancers supported by three troops of ungol horse archers. I went for a troop of lancers since my Attilian rough rider auction win unfortunately never turned up, so the ungol lancer unit has been postponed.

As I have now used up all the marauder horses, I dont think I will make any more cavalry for a while. It will take time to work up the courage and motivation for another round of de-chaosifying šŸ˜€


The regiments of lancers are still missing banners, and a few models are missing shields. Also got some more work to do on bases and weathering. When this is done, IĀ“ll do some closeups.

I am planning to do the Tzarina and a shaman next, which should give me a 1250 point army to test KoW with. Thinking about using League of Rhodia rules since their monster general has a more “wizardy” feel, being able to heal others.

First list will probably be:

Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez, Enscrolled armor
Wizard, Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman
2x Household Knight regiments
1x Household Knight troop
3x Halfling Ranger Cavalry troops
+ 15pts of magic items



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