Hunt for the artifact – Game 2 vs Undead, Push

My second round opponent had an amazing “Greenskin undead” army, with ork skeletons and mummies, goblin ghouls and troll werewolves. There were so many awesome conversions in his army, and a great and original theme. He got a well deserved (and extremely close) second place in “Best army”.

His list was approximately:
Vampire Lord on Undead Pegasus
Werewolf horde
3x Zombie Regiments
2x Mummies Regiments
2x Ghoul Troop
1x Wraith Troop
1x Liche king, heal 6
1x Battle Standard, lute of insatiable darkness

Again lots of chaff, this time chaff that would be rough to shoot away, especially since they are backed up with heal. The list has less punch than the abyssal list however, so I might actually be able to win a grinding war against the list, at least if I can take out some of the heavy hitters before they get to strike. The vampire, wraiths and werewolfs are the most annoying parts of the list, having superior speed to my knights. They might neccessitate sacrificing one of my troops to be able to knock them out.

My list
Tzarina Katarin, diadem of dragonkind (ancient aralez)
Winged Lancers Regiment, catterpillar (household knights)
Winged Lancers Regiment, fire oil (household knights)
Winged Lancers Troop (household knights)
Sons of Ursun horde (Honor guard)
2x Ungol Horse Archer Troops (halfling ranger cavalry)
2x Urgan Cannons (halfling volley gun)
Boyar on horse, spark stone (Baron on horse)

setup ghoulblinds 2I planned to let a group of ungols carry the loot along the least defended flank. In addition, I setup with a very strong center so I could grab the middle one and win no matter if he managed to sneak his token along a flank, which I suspected he would be able to with my plan.

In return, he setup in a refused flank, which fit me fine. I could see that I had little chance of stopping him from getting his loot to my table half, but he also surrendered a flank totally to me, so my Ungols could move up with nothing to stop them, and I could focus even more in the center. The major threat would be him rolling the flank quickly and folding into the middle to flank me while I struggled with his infantry. ghouldblins setup 1The refused flank. Werewolfs, wraiths and vampire along the board edge, escorting the loot carrying ghouls. Mummies hidden behind the regiments of zombies.

kislev turn 1So I set to the task, one unit of Ungols carrying my token to safety on the far left flank, while my center swung in towards the middle. I managed to do a mistake here, forgetting to measure if my winged lancers were outside 12″ charge range of the ghouls in the center.

turn 2 ghoulblindsWhich they of course were. That troop of ghouls managed to somehow hold up my unit of winged lancers in the center for two turns :facepalm: On the right flank (bottom in picture), my underdogs were playing a dancing game with the undead fast movers. The undead had placed the wraiths in a bait position, which I did not take. Instead, I tried to baith the undead back. In hindsight, I should have used the Ungols even more as chaff in a situation like this, where I am clearly outmatched in speed and ability to grind. I needed the regiment of lancers to get a charge on at least one of the enemy fast movers if I should have any chance of actually winning this flank.

right flank delayInstead, the wraiths got a charge on my regiment and robbed me of TC. Without which I would lose a grinding match to their defense 6.

boyar hero momentThe werewolfs (weretrolls) tried to kill the Boyar and overrun, but that gamble payed off for me, as the Boyar was now ready to show that he was not useless. He held his ground, allowing me to hit the werewolfs back.

In the middle, I realized how futile it was trying to shoot away nerve 15 zombies with heal backup. This would have to be settled in close combat.

turn 3In turn 3, I engaged in melee. The Sons of Ursun smashed a regiment of zombies. The winged lancers on the left flank finally got rid of the stupid ghoul troop with some help from their ungols. The Tzarina did not charge anything, for some reason I instead tried to burn the liche priest. A quick thinking about the chances of that should have had me charging instead. Not sure what I was thinking there, might have been something with avoiding an impending flank charge from the vampire?

On the bottom flank, my lancer regiment started the slapfest with the wraiths, discovering that their puny-looking enemy actually has defense 6 😦 The troop of lancers charged the werewolfs, joined in the flank by the ungols. Unfortuately, the lancers only did 3 wounds, with the ungols putting another two on. Not enough for a lucky break.

The Urugan cannons however overperformed, shooting at the vampire standing in the forest. Hitting on 6´s, they put down an impressive 6 wounds and managed to waiver the bastard!
zombies vs tzarina
The undead hit back, the zombies taking things to extreme, putting 10! wounds on the Tzarina, waivering her. The mummies also put some wounds on the Sons of Ursun. One unit of mummies was not able to get into the action however, so I lost no units in the center. On the bottom flank, the slapfest continued, with only the Boyar biting the dust.

grinding battlelinesTurn 4, the Sons took out a unit of mummies after dropping their loot, handing it over to the unit of lancers that had finally caught up with the advance after their sad performance against the ghouls.

turn 4 ungols vs ghoulsOn the right / bottom flank, I was struggling, with a few exceptions. My Urugan cannons managed to repeat their performance, putting another bunch of wounds on the vampire, banishing the creature back to hell with the power that only cannonballs have. I also spotted a chance to stop the loot, my ungols being able to manouvre to take on the ghouls. Unfortunately, they only put a single wound on the cowards (nerve 8/10), and didn´t rout them.

Predictably, my flank then crumbled, as ghouls took out the ungols, and the wraiths and werewolfs took out the lancers. In the middle, the Tzarina fell to the hordes of zombies 😦

turn 6Turn 5 and 6, my sons of ursun kept grinding, finally falling at the end of turn 6. My remaining lancers with loot backed off the combat, keeping safe. My opponent almost managed to get the werewolfs to them, but there was no turn 7, and he was also out of time.

endgame_ghoulblinsIn the end, I had one unit of lancers staring down a bunch of undead units, nervous, but holding the loot. The ungols were hiding in the extreme corner, giving me a scenario win.

It was a really tight game, with especially my mistake in not checking if the ghouls were in range to charge me almost costing me. I lost momentum in the middle, not being able to take out enough units quickly to win the grind. My plan for scenario still held through though, my opponent struggling to get out of his own refused flank. It did help A LOT that my urugans cleaned out his vampire though 🙂

Once again, enemy chaff not dying to shooting, this time because they were resilient, really slowed down my momentum. Facing up against speed 9 and 10 on a flank was also difficult, but I felt I did manage to slow him down enough by not being too eager to charge myself.

Enemy MVP: Ghouls for tying up my lancers for two turns
Enemy runner up: Zombies for putting 10 wounds on Tzarina in a single round of combat and for winning the grinding match.

My MVP: Urugans for killing the vampire
My runner up: Boyar for taking a werewolf horde on the chin. If only I had chaffed better so I could use the opportunity fully.

One thought on “Hunt for the artifact – Game 2 vs Undead, Push

  1. Honorable mention to the volley guns for rolling a thousand sixes on my poor vampire who was never anything but unfailingly polite to them…

    Great game – taught me to loosen up my formations up a bit for the next game, since my regiments got in their own way and I could never get the whole battleline in combat at once 🙂

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