Finished Lancers and Ungols

The two Winged Lancer units have finally received their banners, completing the units. (Except for some touch-ups I noticed on these images). Also snapped some shots of the two Ungol horse archer units I have not shown details of earlier. Click the images to view larger versions.

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Ice Queen Exalted

The year 2518 As the incursions of Chaos along the northern borders of Kislev grew more frequent and the shamans of the Ungol foretold an endless tide of Chaos, led by an everchosen champion, Tzarina Katarin disappeared from the Bokha palace. For months, nothing was seen or hear from the Ice Queen. Her advisors grew […]

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Lots of cavalry

The mounted part of my army is nearing completion. Two full regiments and a troop of winged lancers supported by three troops of ungol horse archers. I went for a troop of lancers since my Attilian rough rider auction win unfortunately never turned up, so the ungol lancer unit has been postponed. As I have […]

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