King´s Cup 18 – Game 1 vs Orcs

Game 1 vs Orks – Secure

My list:
2x Bloodsworn hordes, fury
1x Fallen horde
2x Magus conclaves
2x Devourer, breath
1x Cave dweller
1x Troll king
1x Magus, bane-chant, inspiring
1x Magnhilde

Opponents list (missing some items): 
1x Ax horde
1x Moreax regiment
2x Greatax regiments
1x Troll horde, fury
1x Gore riders regiment
1x Gore chariots horde, catterpillar
1x Skulk troop
3x Krusher, boar, inspiring, slashing, crushing
1x Krudger
1x Flagger, lute
1x War drum

Fairly straight-forward list, as Ork lists often are. I was happy that there were no giants, as they are often the bane of my existence 😛 The three Krushers was a new kind of threat, and I was glad that it was not my Kislev list facing this. That list hated individuals.

The center objective is worth 3 pts, and the two on either side of the stone outcrop are worth 2pts. There is one 1pt objective in each of our deployment zones. My plan was to stop him from getting through on the right flank, and to win or contest the center two. With the placement of objectives, I think I had the upper hand in scenario from the get-go.
Another view of the deployment. The Troll King anchored my flank, free to go harass the ork left flank since there were no objectives over there. My hordes of bloodsworn are ready to face down the wall of orc infantry, while my devourers have a very nice forest to hide in until it is time to strike. On the right flank, the fallen, Magnhilde and the cave dweller stared down the enemy fast flank. 20180414_110340.jpgThe orcs predictably pushed forward, and I started doing some damage with my shooting. On the right flank, the enemy skulks survived a round of shooting, getting waivered, then they were charged by the cave dweller and survived that too, getting waivered again. A Krusher kept my fallen blocked in, so Magnhilde had to go fight the gore chariots on her own. Unfortunately, the damned Krusher survived a round against the fallen! And Magnhilde bit the dust after two rounds of combat against the chariots.20180414_111612.jpgMy center held firm while my right flank struggled with getting through Skulks and Krushers 😛 My shooting took it´s toll, waivering the Moreax and in general piling on the wounds. On the right flank, the cave dweller was wiped in a single round by the gore riders. My fallen took out the wounded gore chariots, but were taken out by the krudger on foot. My right flank was falling fast.
In the center however, things were going well. Forced to close within my charge range by shooting, the orc center was obliterated by my infantry hitting them first. My devourers had bidden their time and broke through the enemy ranks into their rear, smashing apart the moreax, war drum and keeping the trolls busy.

In the end, my opponent broke through too late on the right flank, as his remaining gore riders could not claim any objectives. My infantry hordes in the meantime held 4VP, while his trolls had 2VP. The game was closer than what I would have liked, but even with my right flank just totally fluffing, I felt in control for most of the game.

MVP: Devourers. They hung back, putting lots of wounds down on many things, then breaking into the enemy backfield, just running wild on the wounded and weak units there, keeping the enemy occupied for long enough to secure the victory.

Next battle: MSU undead


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