Macharius Vulcan Conversion

Being the miniature-addict I am, I of course also have a long term 40k project going on. This Macharius tank belongs to an armoured company I am making with mainly tanks from Mortian 
Mortian Battle Tank \(not mine).

With the Mortian being clearly based on the Macharius, I felt that having a Macharius as the center-piece would be fitting. I bought a normal battle cannon Macharius as it looks much better than the Vulcan in my opinion. However, I like options, so I bought some great looking gatling cannons from this guy. They fit the battle cannon mount perfectly, so I now have options for both.

I went for a fairly complicated camo-scheme, going for a Berlin-brigade scheme. It was hell to do, but I am very happy with the look I have achieved. The colors are not a perfect match for the original scheme, as I felt that it just looked too flat (I am not skilled enough) with the realistic colors, so I gave them more vibrance. The tank is still missing weathering and fine details, but I had to play around a bit with it, which means you get this action shot of the tank in action in Vogen hive.

Berlin brigade original scheme for those that have not seen it before:

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