Kings of Spring – Game 2 vs Herd

For the second game, we were playing scavenge and I was up against a very good Herd army:

3x Spirit walker hordes, brew of sharpness, whip of celerity
1x Stampede, potion of haste
1x Guardian brute horde
2x Chimera
3x Beast pack
1x Centaur chief, slashing blade
1x Shaman, heal 5, hex
1x Shaman, heal 5

The army has insane hitting power, those spirit walker hordes have 40 attacks with TC1! While the defense is overall low, the nerve is fairly high across the board, and he has heal 10. With pathfinder and minimum speed 6, you don´t have many turns of shooting either. Chimeras are really good flyers, with 7 3+ attacks with vicious and CS2. Beast packs are probably the best chaff in the game, and the centaur chief is a really good low cost melee character. Overall, I felt he had a superior list to mine.

This report is a bit messy unfortunately, as it was a very close game. 20190525_122223There were three objectives we could scavenge loot from, and they were placed fairly spread out on the board. I knew I could not contest them all, so the plan was to pressure two of them, gather some early tokens and play defensively so I could thin the herd out a bit with shooting before they smashed my lines. Since the right objective was in a forest, I skipped out on that one, again just placing an organ gun and Tzarina over there to delay and annoy the opposition.

The center and left token were pressured heavily, and the nicely placed fence by the left objective opened up the option to stand behind it and pick up tokens.
I won first turn, and moved up slowly according to plan. Orlaf teleported behind the enemy to harass them, while my Blizz-wiz and horse archers took out a beastpack.

My opponent felt the pressure from Orlaf behind him and knights ahead in the center, and made a mistake, presenting the stampede´s flank to a unit of knights.
20190525_125101I of course took the opportunity to take out the stampede and a beast pack with no reprisal with my knights. On the left flank, my infantry picked up a token while the bears flanked his forces. However, he had a chimera on that flank, which jumped over the rocks and threatened my rear, so I had to divert my regiment of pole arms. Orlaf was denied any juicy targets, and a horde of spirit walkers diverted to hunt him down. His right flank chimera wiped out the volley gun
What looked like a sweet and possibly game-winning move when my center broke up his right flank soon turned into something else.

Why does things like this keep happening to us?

With the chimera on one flank, a spirit walker horde in the front, guardian brutes threatening the rear and spirit walkers in the other flank, they were forced to front charge a spirit walker horde. Unfortunately, my lancers fluffed their attacks, and the right flank was smashed to pieces, leaving my opponent in control of one objective. The heavily wounded spirit walker horde backed into the right forest and tried to hide from my blizz-wiz for the rest of the game. I managed to get them to about 16 wounds several more times during the game, but my opponent had 2x shaman with a total of heal 10 who just kept healing them back down, so I never killed the right spirit walkers off.

Ungols are maybe MVP this game, one unit chaffing up the spirit walkers, saving the milita horde, the other rear charging and actually in the end, killing the red chimera, then taking a token and running away.

He also delayed me on the left flank, keeping my honour guard out of the fight by using the terrain to rob me of charges. (flank towards me and terrain so I could not fit). However, his spirit walker horde on the left finally crumbled, and my city militia horde was still hanging on by a thread. The guardian brutes and centaur chief were also taken out by my flyers, Orlaf and honour guard.

His left chimera was grounded by my militia regiment, but it chewed through them in a couple of turns, only to be rear charged multiple times by a unit of ungol horse archers, who wavered it for two turns before finally managing to kill it. Jeej for ungols 🙂

His other chimera and middle unit of spirit walkers marched back into the middle to aid the guardian brutes, but the spirit walkers were a turn too late as Orlaf blocked them for a turn. The chimera however killed my badly wounded city militia horde, but I did manage to snag a loot token with some ungols that hid away in safety, leaving us at 1-1.

In my last turn, I unfortunately got too blood-thirsty. Tzarina could have just stayed put and picked up a token, as she was safe from retaliation and in control of the middle objective. However, I had short time left and did a really stupid thing, charging her in together with the honour guard and the griffon, who even had a flank, into the spirit walkers. I overkilled them, not even needing her attacks, and as we did not get a turn 7, I ended up throwing away my win for an 11-9 draw instead.

Still, it was a fantastic game, really close the entire way, with tons of dead on both sides, and my list had managed to pull out a winning draw against a very tough list, so I was happy with the result. Nice with a classic WFB fluffy match-up too, with my Kislev forces driving the beastmen back into the woods, although just barely.

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