Renegade Industrial Walkers

The renegade forces on Vogen, lacking a proper supply chain, often used civilian equipment in combat roles. Many of these “technicals” were almost as dangerous for their occupants as to the imperial forces. One of the more successful types of technicals were the ones based on industrial walkers.

Khai-zen class walkers. Walker II, VI and IX of the Atraphos Manufactory. Repurposed by renegade forces during the Vogen rebellion.

Khai-zen class walkers, normally used in construction, dangerous manufacturing and demolition work were especially prized by the rebels. The Khai-zen class is heavily armoured for a civilian vehicle, as it is expected to work in dangerous environments. They come with equipment which is meant to be used for crushing steel girders or sawing through concrete, brutal crushing claws and chain-saws, which are just as effective sawing through loyalist troops and vehicles.

The renegades often refitted the walkers with additional weaponry, changing less useful tools such as cutting torches for jury-rigged rocket launchers. Crude and wildly inaccurate, the home made rockets still provide the walkers with a credible ranged threat, as they are packed with explosives. Many imperial tanks and fortifications were lost to these dangerous weapons.

The walkers were especially vital in the tight rubble-strewn streets of Vogen, where they could navigate areas closed for even tracked vehicles. A large force of Khai-zen walkers was the deciding factor in the second battle for the Atraphos Manufactory. Imperial forces were taken by surprise, and lacking tanks of their own in the ruined manufactory, they were overrun by the walkers.

I bought some old metal Killa Kanz on a whim, with the plan to convert them for use in my renegade army. I’ve always loved to see ork stuff getting un-looted, it makes a lot of sense that the orks took the original vehicle from the imperials, and seeing the “original” is a lot of fun.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any examples of Killa Kanz being brought back to the imperial fold. However, it took little conversion work to un-loot them back to more imperial style construction bots. I green-stuffed some plates to cover up ork glyphs and added some search lights and an antenna rig. A heavily chipped yellow paint scheme, some warning stripes and roman numerals (first try with decals in 20 years, have some catching up to do), and I think they turned out pretty well.

I might try to find some additional close combat arms for them, so I can run them as a pure close combat variant as well, count as powerlifters.

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