WIP 40k Logistics / troop truck

Since my Vogen campaign for the time being is a low-intensity insurgency, I felt the need for adding some lighter vehicles to my PDF forces, so the renegades have something to ambush / capture in classic insurgency style.

Looking for just a 40k truck has not been easy. I eventually found some vehicles that turned out to be from Old Crow, a site that no longer exist. Luckily, the former owner, Jez, is a great guy, and offered to cast me some to order, even though he no longer supports the site. I jumped on the opportunity, and among other stuff, I got two trucks.

The trucks look great, they are more realistically dimensioned that normal 40k, but fit in just fine as a light-armoured logistics or troop transport vehicle. It is not totally impossible that 10-12 guys could cramp into them either (maybe not monstrous cadians, but at least FW models). They came with a self defence weapon mount with some options, as well as the option to go more “civilian” with just a top hatch, both of which will be magnetized options.

However, they have one weakness for being used in 40k… Rivets! So my current project is to rivet up these guys. I count the need for about 120 rivets per truck, and I am not sure if it is enough still! For other rivet-maniacs out there, I found a great tip for riveting – micro nail beads. It is still a very tedious task to drill and place hundreds of rivets, but at least I don’t have to make the fuckers out of greenstuff.

I love the look of these guys, and they will paint up quickly, so I think they might jump quickly up the paint queue when I finish the riveting work. It might even lead to a little ambush scenario getting played.

4 thoughts on “WIP 40k Logistics / troop truck

    1. Thanks Pete. I´ve just read through the Gaunt´s ghosts novels, which was where I got the idea for these trucks, as the Tanith ride around in trucks quite a few times in the series.

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