The robber baron

Baron Bernward, the robber Baron, with his daughter Friedegund

When the comet struck Mordheim, it also threw the rest of Ostermark into anarchy. Baron Bernward of Bleakwald lost everything in the chaos. With his daughter and last retainers, he turned into a robber Baron, waylaying travellers all over Ostermark and Stirland in the hopes of one day rising back to his former stature.

The Bleakwald militia

The last of the Bleakwald militia turned to the grim work of brigandry with great enthusiasm, happy to find that their skills had grown more valuable in the anarchy after the comet.

Sir Hartmann and Sir Panzinger, Hedge knights

The robber baron’s warband attracted two hedge knights, Sir Hartmann and Sir Panzinger. Both unlanded nobles, they showed few qualms about engaging in brigandry and abuse of the local peasants

Bleakwald forester and poacher

The robber Baron’s band also attracted more unsavory characters. The Bleak Moors and forests were rife with bandits, and some found common cause with the previously noble Baron

The full warband, to be used as mercenaries in Mordheim, or as evil humans in games of Rangers of Shadow Deep or WFRP

These are mercenaries from Black Scorpion Miniatures. They are mostly single piece minis in a resin-plastic like material I have not seen before. Really impressive casts with lots of character for good prices. I will very probably buy the new pack of mercenaries and an ogre as well to round out the group.

3 thoughts on “The robber baron

  1. These are really cool. Cracking looking warband, very well painted and packed with character. Not a range I was familiar with but perfect models for a project I’ve been planning so thanks for bringing them to my attention as well. 

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