Hedge warlock and blunderbuss

With my hefty experience of one game of Mordheim so far, I realized that grouping up is very smart in the mean streets of Mordheim. I wanted to get some grenades, but when I finally found one in the fire-bomb, I was a bit turned off by the 30GC for one use. So instead, I […]

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Mordheim Marienburgers WIP

I´ve been reorganising my hobby space lately, using “Kondo”-methods to reduce my pile of unused plastics to make room for new things that will bring me more joy. A part of this method is to make things visible. So I have dug through all cardboard boxes in my basement and moved all army projects to […]

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AoS28: Champion of Myrmidia

I stumbled upon the concept of “AOS28”, an offshoot of Age of Sigmar, using something called “Hinterlands” as rules and taking the idea of “Inq28” to fantasy. I would suggest going to the Facebook group or the original creator´s mad inventive blog if you want to know the details. In short, the concept is to focus […]

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