Hedge warlock and blunderbuss

With my hefty experience of one game of Mordheim so far, I realized that grouping up is very smart in the mean streets of Mordheim. I wanted to get some grenades, but when I finally found one in the fire-bomb, I was a bit turned off by the 30GC for one use. So instead, I […]

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Norscan Magus Conclaves

There is only one thing that is worse than the Norscan raiders.. The enemy within. Amongst the highest and lowest ranks in our society they hide. Scheming, plotting, and consorting with the dark powers. For what? For greed, the hunger for more power, money, women or simply food. Out of spite, envy or hate for […]

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Kossars Regiment

These guys have been almost finished for a long  time, having even seen battle already. Especially the banner was a victim of procrastination, taking me a week to work up the motivation to start 😛 In the end they turned out well though. The unit is mostly the original Kislev kossars, with some additions to break […]

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