Norscan Magus Conclaves

There is only one thing that is worse than the Norscan raiders.. The enemy within.
Amongst the highest and lowest ranks in our society they hide. Scheming, plotting, and consorting with the dark powers. For what? For greed, the hunger for more power, money, women or simply food. Out of spite, envy or hate for their common man. Even petty jealousy can make a weak man turn to the dark Gods. 

When the Norscan raiders strike our shores, this plague within our cities makes it´s move. In the shadows, they murder our watchmen, allowing the enemy to get near. Bribed by coin or the promise of power, they open our gates, letting the Norscan fiends into our homes. And when the Norscan horde ravages through our streets, they join in the bloodletting and ravaging of their fellow citizens. 

Worst of them all are the ones that have gifted their souls to the dark Gods in return for the curse of blood magic. Their powers should not be underestimated. While it depends on the sacrifice of their fellow man, this is no hinderance to these wretched people, and blood is seldom in low supply when the Norscan hordes arrive on our shores. Backed by their powers, these “Magi” often rise to the top of the cultist hierarchy. As such, their extermination is of utmost importance! 

Excerpt from the writings of Witch hunter Anton Krieg

The Varangur magus conclaves are in my opinion the best warmachine in the game, even just beating out the Abyssal dwarf Ankor heavy mortar. I think it will be hard to not bring two of these in every Varangur list I make.

A list of their benefits:

  • High nerve at 11/13. Most warmachines are in the 8/10 or 9/11 range. 5 attack individuals are actually not auto-killing these guys.
  • 2 shots at 4+ with blast D3 and piercing 2. They will average about 2 wounds against pretty much anything each turn they shoot.
  • 36″ range. They can stay out of range of enemy shooting, and they can get to backfield pieces. Enemy warmachines are never safe when these guys are around.
  • They are individuals. This is a super gift-package containing four major benefits (way too good rule in general).
  • Nimble. Gained from individual, this allows them to move and shoot without any negative modifier. They also get two pivots. Being able to move and shoot means that you can hide first turn and still shoot. You can get them onto hills to look over blocking units and go for the weak support units. You can move to avoid cover ++++
  • Extra pivots. Gained from individual as well, this combined with nimble mean that they will always be able to see what they want.
  • -1 to hit with shooting, gained from individual. Combined with their high nerve and mobility, this makes them hell to remove with shooting. You will probably be at -2 with normal shooting at all times against these guys, if they let you be in range.
  • 360 degree LOS. The last individual benefit, it is minor because of the others, but nice enough.
  • Fairly cheap at only 100pts, and with option to add elite for 10. The elite option I don´t see as necessary, but it is not a bad way to spend 10pts either.
  • No other warmachines competing for the slots. You probably brought two hordes anyway, so you have the slots.


Is it so wrong to want to be on the winning side? Year by year the Beastmen grow bolder and the Marauders stronger. Year by year there are more Mutants, and worse, within the borders of the Empire. The Emperor is fighting a losing battle. I am a pragmatist first and foremost; the Empire has made me rich, but Chaos will help me survive when Middenheim is in flames and its people are food for Beastmen or sacrifices to the Blood God. Survive and even prosper. The Master of Fortune is good to those who revere him.

—Klaus Goethe of the Merchant’s Guild High Council Middenheim

magusconclaves2The models were originally planned to be used for a Mordheim possessed gang, but found new, more active life as Magus Conclaves. I got the guys on the left as part of a job lot. I believe they may be Scibor minis, but I am not sure. The two girls are from Westfalia adventurers range.

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