Hedge warlock and blunderbuss

Westfalia miniatures fire wizard and games workshop war wagon blunderbluss crewman mordheim marienburgersWith my hefty experience of one game of Mordheim so far, I realized that grouping up is very smart in the mean streets of Mordheim. I wanted to get some grenades, but when I finally found one in the fire-bomb, I was a bit turned off by the 30GC for one use. So instead, I dug out a war wagon crewman from my “sometime in the future” Empire Panzer Regiment (see below), and hired him in as a blunderbuss. Not a perfect solution for stopping grouping up, but at least an incentive.

I had two wizards on my painting deck, the original Mordheim warlock and a Westfalia miniatures warlock. They are both amazing miniatures, and I wanted to add one to my warband as fast as possible for that reason. I decided to roll up the spells to see which one fit the best so I could paint that one. When I got fireball and flaming sword, it was a no brainer to pick the fire wizard for that set of spells.

Looking forward to using these two handsome fellas in my next Mordheim skirmish.

Warhammer Empire panzerkorps WIP
1. Schwere Panzer Regiment mustering. Master engineer on mechanical steed 2x 5 outriders + officer 2x steam tank 3x war wagon with mechanical steeds 14x combat engineers

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