Ice Queen Exalted

The year 2518

As the incursions of Chaos along the northern borders of Kislev grew more frequent and the shamans of the Ungol foretold an endless tide of Chaos, led by an everchosen champion, Tzarina Katarin disappeared from the Bokha palace.

For months, nothing was seen or hear from the Ice Queen. Her advisors grew increasingly worried, and the nobility in the capitol started intriguing for the throne. The people of the north suffered from the increased Chaos incursions as the nobles bickered for power in the south.

On the third full moon after her sudden disappearance, the sky suddenly turned a steely cold blue and the temperature dropped drastically. As the people of Kislev looked to the sky, a great shadow arose over the full moon.

It was their Queen, atop a great Ice Dragon, she had returned to them in their time of need, stronger than ever.

During her dissapearance, Katarin had sought the aid of the Old Witch of Kislev. The Old Witch gifted Katarin with her vision. Chaos will soon swarm over Kislev, led by Archaon the Everchosen, they will crush all that Kislev can muster. The cities, towns and villages of Kislev will be burned, pillaged, ravaged and turned to Chaos. Kislev will never rise again…

Refusing to accept the visions, Katarin prayed to the Gods of Kislev, Ursun, Dazh and Tor. After weeks of mediation, the Gods spoke.

What was said is known only by the Tzarina herself, however what is certain is that she was exalted, chosen as the champion of Kislev by the three Gods and given a mighty Ice Dragon on top of which she will ride to war.

After her return, she has spent every minute raising her Pulks, sending word to all the nobles of the land and to the tribes in the north and east. Her power was not given lightly, it was given because she would have to lead Kislev north, on a quest known only by her and the Gods.

…to stop the Endtimes.

After many many hours of work, she is finally here. Tzarina Katarin, exalted Ice Queen of Kislev. Rumored to be a reincarnation of the first Khan-Queen of Kislev, Miska the Slaughterer.

She is still missing a base. I got some ideas for a scenic mini-diorama base, showing off her Ice Magic, but now I am a bit burned out on this model, so that will have to wait. I am very happy with how the D&D dragon turned out, IMO it is one of the most dynamic dragons available, and fully painted up, I think the details hold up well.

Click the images to view larger versions.

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