Kislev Ice Sorceress

I really like this Bretonnian Damsel model, it is certainly one of GW´s best female sculpts, defying the standard “crossdresser” look that many older GW female models suffered from. She fits very well as an Ice Sorceress in my Kislev army.

The only part of the sculpt that was poor was the staff head, so I swapped her staff for Tzarina Katarin´s staff, which looked a bit less silly.

While painting progress on my Kislev has been slow, with only one model finished, it is for good reason. BRAINS! I got a sudden kick of zombie love and have painted up 40 of my Zombiecide zombies. It is nice to just slap paint on a bunch of models and be finished in a single evening with a little mini-horde. Lazy painting and good result when they are together as a horde 🙂 Don´t worry about the sloppy bases, I have ordered clear plastic bases so I don´t have to spend time on the bases for these guys and gals. Only 25 more to go!


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