Allor the Amber Wizard

My latest addition to the army is an Amber Wizard. I don´t love the original miniature, but he is old GW and has a bear skin on his head, so he had to be included anyhow. Not everybody can be a fashion model I guess. The original miniature has a stupid gaping mouth that was clearly sculpted by someone less than talented. I gave him a beard to cover his “O” face, got to keep this PG13. His bearskin cloak was also not totally safe for work, being more of a badly sculpted mini-dress, so it had to be extended into a proper cloak.

The murder of crows he is summoning up is an homage to “Allor” the Amber Wizard from Shadow of the Horned Rat, who I remember with fondness killing hordes of my foes with his flock of doom spell.


Unfortunately, I did not actually look up the game art before painting him, so I forgot that he was blond. Will have to change that later.

In KoW, he is planned to play as a Dwarf Ranger Captain with Wings of Honeymaze, supporting my Kossars, which will use Dwarf Ranger rules when possible. The Wings are representing him shapeshifting into a murder of crows to move rapidly across the battlefield while his shooting attack is the amber spear or flock of doom. He can of course also step in as a normal wizard. Speaking of Kossars, I have finished 10 of them. Taking a little break with some artillery before painting up more Kossars though, so will be awhile before these guys have their feet on solid ground.




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