Zombicide Survivors and Horde

The Zombicide survivors are really great miniatures to be boardgame pieces. I have been looking at the “This Is Not a Test” ruleset for playing Post-Apoc games and I decided to do some converting on a few of the survivors to make them less “just happened” and more “we forgot what really happened” so they fit the Post-Apoc vibe.

Amy got turned into a run-away slave with a pink-punk style. She still has her explosive slave-collar and shackles on, but has gotten hold of a katana and a double-barreled shotgun and is now exacting revenge on the Gas-Boyz who kept her as a captive. She is a part of my Caravanner warband. (Click for larger images)

Doug has gone a bit further on the crazy scale. His bad day at work has escalated to him becoming a wasteland doc and a limb-collector. He works for caps and for body-parts, which means that only raiders and slavers are mad enough to hire him. He is armed with a wicked blade, one of his “medical instruments”, and has a hunting rifle for long range medical emergencies. Here he is seen happily inspecting a nice find of skulls, or perhaps doing a re-enactment of Hamlet. Look at his nice smile and tidy tie, don´t you want him as your doctor?  (Click for larger images)

Ned was already suitably post-apocalyptic, great and characterful mini with a frying pan for a hand weapon, so he managed to not get cut up. He got work as a sniper for my Caravanners, covering Amy while she runs into the raiders with her katana held high.


As I teased earlier, I have also painted up a little horde of zombies. What is the post-apocalypse without any zombies? Now they have gotten clear bases and are ready to give my survivors hell.

Looks like a good place to scavenge, always something nice to find in these abandoned gas stations…. wait… WHAT WAS THAT?
Oh sh*t!
Time to commit a ZOMBICIDE!
Game over..

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