Hedge warlock and blunderbuss

With my hefty experience of one game of Mordheim so far, I realized that grouping up is very smart in the mean streets of Mordheim. I wanted to get some grenades, but when I finally found one in the fire-bomb, I was a bit turned off by the 30GC for one use. So instead, I […]

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Mordheim Marienburgers WIP

I´ve been reorganising my hobby space lately, using “Kondo”-methods to reduce my pile of unused plastics to make room for new things that will bring me more joy. A part of this method is to make things visible. So I have dug through all cardboard boxes in my basement and moved all army projects to […]

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KoW battle report – Kislev vs Ostland (League vs League) 2k, Secure

Bohsenfels Bogs, north-east Ostland 2025 It was a rare event, Tzarina Katarin had to lead a pulk of her army into the lands of the Empire. Historically an important, if reluctant ally of Kislev. However, internal unrest and increased pressure on their borders had weakened Imperial control. Taking advantage of the weakening Imperial control, the […]

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Champion of Myrmidia

The Champion of Myrmidia ( short story about him here) is finished. It was nice to test out a different style of painting for this guy. I think I will enjoy making a small warband of Myrmidia in this dirty, gritty style. Converting him up to fit into the post-apocalyptic vibe of AOS28 was also fun. I […]

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Allor the Amber Wizard

My latest addition to the army is an Amber Wizard. I don´t love the original miniature, but he is old GW and has a bear skin on his head, so he had to be included anyhow. Not everybody can be a fashion model I guess. The original miniature has a stupid gaping mouth that was […]

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