Gorechosen Vexnar the Reaper


Gorechosen seems to be one of the best releases by GW in a long time. Great price, rules look very good for a nice casual game that can be played with non-gamer friends, and four awesome figures are included.

These guys quickly jumped to the top of the painting queue. I decided to go for an alternate scheme to the standard khorne red, as I wanted a less cartoony and more gritty look.

Vexnar the Reaper got to be the test dummy for my NMM (non metal metallic) metallic scheme. He turned out less gritty than my original plan, but I really like the look, so I will stick to this for the rest of the set.

Inspired by the hellish lava-like arena, I made him a lava base with some arena hazzards and trinkets spread around.

Click for larger images

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