Champion of Myrmidia

The Champion of Myrmidia ( short story about him here) is finished. It was nice to test out a different style of painting for this guy. I think I will enjoy making a small warband of Myrmidia in this dirty, gritty style. Converting him up to fit into the post-apocalyptic vibe of AOS28 was also fun. I think the little additions like the flying clockwork-baby scribe, the gryph hound, feathers and additional detailing on the horse has managed to bring a 25 year old miniature fully into modern times.

Click images for full size

The backstory is that he is a very gifted warrior who has been convinced by a Priest of Myrmidia that he is the champion of the Goddess. Myrmidia herself was shattered during the end times, fragments of her essence spread across the realms. As her champion, it is his duty to engage in endless battle. Every enemy slain by the champion is another soul gifted to Myrmidia, building up her strength, allowing her to guide the Priest to her lost fragments.

Our hero has by now spent years and years sending souls to his Goddess, being led all across the realms by the Priest, searching for the fragments. Until now, no fragments have been found, and after having killed a five digit number (the flying baby scribe keeps track) of aelves, duardin and countless other creatures, our hero is starting to have some issues with his sanity. All killing and no closer to reanimating the fallen Goddess makes a hero go crazy.. crazy.. crazy…..

The Grand Master of the Blazing Suns is one of my favorite GW miniatures of all time. I actually think all the non-named Grand Masters from this era were really great miniatures. The White Wolf Grand Master has been converted into a Kislev Boyar, and is doing a great job at that. The Knights Panther Grand Master is staring accusingly at me. He might just make an appearance as well, I have a conversion in mind that I think would fit him well.


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