The Hunt for the Artifact KoW Tourney – Army List / Pre-tourney thoughts


Kislev Army
Hunt for the artifact 1600pts League of Rhordia KoW army

I am joining my first Kings of War tournament this weekend. With a grand total of two games under my belt, I of course expect to be in close contention for taking first place.

The points limit is set to 1600, which fit me nice as a noob. For one, it was feasible to be able to paint up my army to that level, and in addition it is less units to keep track off. Great as an intro level event!

My list is the following:

Tzarina Katarin on Ice Dragon, diadem of dragonfire – Duke on ancient aralez with Diadem of dragonfire. In my two previous games, she had the armour, giving her a nice defence 6. With the new CoK rules pack, the armour is gone. Just as well, as it was a no-brainer on the big beasts with defence 5. Now she can instead have her dragon kill stuff with it´s icy breath when she is manoeuvring behind enemy lines, a nice fluffy boost. She is a very powerful force, being able to really put the hurt on anything she can hit in the flank or rear, and with the movement to get there. I will try to not get too eager with her, and rather manoeuvre for an additional turn before charging in. The diadem can actually help contain me here, allowing me to put some hurt down while biding my time for a flank or rear charge. With defence 5, she is vulnerable though.
Boyar on warhorse, sparkstone – Baron on warhorse. A very important second source of inspiring for my army. He can also do well as a war machine hunter and disruptor. The sparkstone enforces that role. As I am not spoiled for inspiring in the list, I can´t throw him away on disrupting tasks, so the sparkstone allows him to do something in the cases where he has to hang back to inspire. I just noticed that his inspiring does not in fact help “halfling” units, so I now see why an army standard has some use in LoR lists.
Winged Lancers regiment, catterpillar – Household Knights regiment with the no brainer inclusion of pathfinder item. I wish I could give my entire army pathfinder, as terrain can be a complete bitch for an army so reliant on thunderous charge.   
Winged Lancers regiment, fire oil – Household Knights regiment #2. Against the right army, the 5pts fire oil should pay for itself many times over, as I should be able to get a charge off against most regenerating units with my speed of 8.
Winged Lancers troop – Household Knights troop. The closest I get to chaff in my army, and also a very decent threat if they can get a flank on anybody. I am very torn on these guys vs another troop of horse archers, but landed on these guys because of their defence 5 allowing them to be a better chaff shield and the need for more combat power, as some of my combat units will probably have to be sacrificed.
2x Ungol Horse Archers troop – Halfling ranger cavalry troop. My other “chaff” units. They shoot well, and if kept alive until end game can be very nice for clearing off wounded units, taking loot / quarters, or even charging flanks and rears that present themselves.
Sons of Ursun horde, potion of haste – Honour Guard horde. My main hammer, with 24 attacks with CS1 and TC2 they will be counted on to do serious damage from the front. The traditional thinking is to give these guys the pathfinder brew. As I am of course much smarter than the traditionalists, I instead want to try the haste potion. That allows my army to have a consistent 16″ threat. My thinking is that in contrast to the winged lancers, these guys CAN charge into terrain if they have to. Granted, they don´t want to, but they have enough attacks and CS1 to at least make a decent dent into anything. They do not however want to be charged themselves, so extra speed might help that. We will see if my experiment is a total failure or if I can prove my superior tactical provess 😉
2x Urugan Cannon – Halfling Volley Gun. In my two intro games, it was very annoying to have enemy forces manoeuvring for advantage against my own mobile forces without punishment. These two cannons are here for that reason. Nobody should be able to move around behind my forces without taking 15-30 piercing 2 shots to the face.

As I have a very limited unit pool to choose from, with my only unused options being a troop of Kossars, two wizards and a troop of Ungols, this is probably not the greatest list one can build with League of Rhordia. It will be very interesting to see how it plays though. Most lists I see played have a meaty infantry core, with at least one infantry horde, I have not seen any full cavalry lists like my own in play. To be honest, I would love to have some infantry on my own to form a grinding battleline in the center of the field. Looking over my list, I see the following traits:

Good speed – Except for the artillery, the entire army is speed 8 or 10. There are a lot of long threat ranges that my opponents will have to consider. And at least in parts of the field, I will get the initiative. Unfortunately, only the Tzarina, Ungols and Boyar are nimble, so I can get outmaneuvered. Also, while speed 8 is really good, meeting an army with lots of speed 9 or 10 would really suck, doubly so because without speed advantage, my hitting power strength also fades away. My artillery can also quickly be left behind, easy prey for solo hero´s and other disruptors.

Lots of hitting power – Another traditionalist advice is to always bring bane chant. While I don´t think that is bad advice, I skipped it in this list to get a breath attack on my dragon.
I think I can get away with that since I have a very decent amount of TC, CS and Piercing between all my heavy cavalry and my urugan cannons. At least on the charge I should be able to hurt even high defence units badly. If I don´t break through however, the lack of bane chant can come back to bite me hard.

Not enough chaff – This is a painful weakness of my list, the lack of real chaff. Chaff seems so comfortable to play with, protecting your expensive hard hitters, blocking enemies and letting you set up traps and control the pace of the game. With my cavalry list, chaff is hard to come by, coming in 125pts packages. That is not cheap enough to win chaff wars. I don´t actually want to lose my “chaff” if I can help it, as the horse archers for example are great late game pieces.

Lack of staying power – I have no units with good nerve or any defensive perks. Sure, the nerve might look ok on most units, but in relation to their cost, it sucks. None of my units actually want to take a charge. Again this is something that I feel makes the list less comfortable to play. When you have a nice big infantry horde or some defence 6 units to push forwards to take charges, you gain some freedom to engage the enemy on your terms.

I believe my army can do well, but that it will be very easy to make mistakes that will lose games with this list.

My first match-up has been announced ahead of the tourney, and fittingly enough, it will be against the hordes of Chaos! (Varangur). My opponent has an insanely elite army consisting of the following:

King on Chimera, Brutal, +1 to hit item
Troll Chieftain
Troll Horde
Sons of Korgan Regiment
Mounted Sons of Korgan Regiment
Direfang Riders Horde

I am very happy with getting to play against a Chaos list, win or lose, it will be cinematic =)
All of his units are extremely hitty, making mine seem weak in comparison, but I have the advantage in speed, shooting and number of units. He also has no chaff, and only breath weapons for shooting, so against units costing 200-300 pts, I think my own 125pts “chaff” units might come in very handy. I will lose grinding matches however (not sure a single of my units will stand against even one round of any of his), so this game can quickly come down to the question if I am able to completely take out units I engage. The comment on the pre-tourney podcast was “This might be over by turn 3” 😀

Overall, I am not expecting an amazing performance from my Kislevites in this tourney, primarily because of the noob behind the wheel =)
I have a goal to win one match over the course of the tourney.

Reports from all games will be coming up sometime next week.

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