Hunt for the artifact – Game 4 vs Ogres, Eliminate

The last game of the day was against an Ogre list on table 3. The scenario was eliminate. Light was fading by now, so the pictures are a bit dark unfortunately.

The Ogre list was approximately:
1x Warlock, Soul Drain
3x Berserker Braves regiments
1x Battle standard, lute of insatiable darkness
1x Ogre warrior horde
2x Boomer hordes
1x Giant
1x Red Goblin Blaster

The list had an interesting gimmick in the warlock with lightning bolt 6 and soul drain 9 when close to the Braves. It was however light on chaff and with no fast units. His boomers did outrange my cavalry, but other than that, I should be able to get the charge in this game. His bounty units were the two boomer hordes.

My list:
Tzarina Katarin, diadem of dragonkind (ancient aralez)
Winged Lancers Regiment, catterpillar (household knights)
Winged Lancers Regiment, fire oil (household knights)
Winged Lancers Troop (household knights)
Sons of Ursun horde (Honor guard)
2x Ungol Horse Archer Troops (halfling ranger cavalry)
2x Urgan Cannons (halfling volley gun)
Boyar on horse, spark stone (Baron on horse)

ogres deploymentNeither of us noticed that we were supposed to have a token in the middle. It certainly makes the scenario more playable, I did feel it was a weird scenario before I caught that mistake.

His two most expensive units were the Boomer hordes, while mine are the Sons of Ursun and Tzarina Katarin. I planned to play a bit more safe than usual with those two units, but I knew both would be instrumental in crushing the ogres, so they would risk their bounty points.

My opponent managed to out-deploy me with his first drop being the goblin blaster. I placed an urugan cannon and a troop of ungols right opposite it, not wanting to take on that thing in close combat. I positioned the rest of my forces for a scrum in the middle, with both urugans covering the center field. My opponent responded with a refused flank, with his boomers tucked away in a corner, faaaar from my urugan cannons. Those guns would get usage of their horse and carriages.

kislev turn 1 vs ogresSo turn 1, I started the long trek. Both urugan cannons started moving into firing positions. My center force wheeled towards the middle, while the ungols knocked out the red goblin blaster. My top / left flank advanced carefully, waiting for the center to catch up and staying out of breath range.
faceoffThe Ogres also moved up carefully, putting up some bait pieces in the wood and getting the Boomers close enough to engage next turn, but staying out my charge ranges. Some lightning bolts were slung my way for a couple of wounds.

braved attackIn turn 2, I pulled my left flank back, out of boomer range. My center moved up to sure charge range next turn. Tzarina and both urugan cannons opened up on a unit of Braves, putting 9 wounds down, but not managing to make the berserkers flee. The wounded Braves charged Tzarina in the forest, disrupting her.

kislev charge turn 3Turn 3, the shrieking sound of winged lancers charging across the field sounded. The Sons of Ursun hit the ogre warriors in the flank and they were crushed instantly. Tzarina and the lancer troop took out the wounded braves, while the pathfinder lancers killed the enemy warlock. Not sure where the second unit of braves dissapeared, maybe the urugans and ungols knocked it out?

ogres turn 3Reeling from the onslaught, and with their Boomers still out of the fight on the left flank, the Ogres hit back with what they could. The Giant slammed into the Sons of Ursun, his powerful blows wavering the unit. The remaining braves attacked the troop of lancers, but could not break through, wavering this unit too.

kislev turn 4Turn 4, the Kislev forces displayed their incredible horse riding skill. The troop of lancers backed up, giving room to the regiment behind them to charge the Braves. Unfortunately, the Braves lived up to their name and held against all reason. The Sons of Ursun also backed up, and a troop of Ungols rode in front of them, shielding them from the Giant. Tzarina Katarin charged the giant in the flank, ripping into it, but not able to kill the beast.

giant vs tzarinaAngry from the wounds inflicted on him by the Tzarina, the giant turned from the pesky ungols riding around his legs and swung his club after the Dragon, wounding it. The Braves hit back against their opponents and inflicted several wounds. The Boomers also finally got to shoot, putting 8 wounds on the pathfinder lancers, wavering them.

kislev turn 5In turn 5, the Kislev forces cleaned up the center of the field. The Braves finally succumed, and the giant was torn apart by the Sons of Ursun charging into his flank. The Kislev force manovered for the final showdown against the Boomers.

The Boomers both had to focus on the pathfinder lancers to knock them out, leaving a unit of lancers fully operational and within striking range. The ogre standard bearer charged the troop of lancers to occupy them.

kislev turn 6It was too little, too late however. One winged lancer regiment crashed into a Boomer horde, driving them from the field. The standard bearer was eviscerated by the troop of lancers, while the Tzarina herself crashed into the last unit of Boomers, hurting them badly. They tried to fight back against the Queen of Ice, but could not hurt her seriously. Surrounded by the Kislev army, they laid down their arms, leaving the field to the forces of Kislev.

End game thoughts

That certainly went beyond my best expectations. I expected to get knocked down again as I had made my way to table 3. However, this was another match-up that allowed me to leverage my strengths. I felt out-deployed at first, but I managed to turn it to my advantage, my Sons crossing quickly over the center-line, getting in a position where he was either flanked by them or by my main force. His refused flank turned against him when I did not want to engage until I had superior force. His Boomers spent most of the game trying to get into the game, only getting into it when it was too late to turn the tide.

MVP Ogres: Braves for living up to their name, taking 9-10 wounds and still sticking around twice.
Runner up: Giant was the only one to do serious damage to my two bounty units. He also stuck around after taking a hefty flank charge from Tzarina.

MVP Kislev: Tzarina Katarin kept the Boomers honest simply by being there. She also damaged units with her breath, almost killed the giant herself and finally caught a unit of boomers.
Runner up: Ungols who took out the red goblin blaster first turn, then blocked the giant from finishing off the Sons of Ursun.

4 thoughts on “Hunt for the artifact – Game 4 vs Ogres, Eliminate

    1. Thanks 🙂 I finished 4th place best general and got 2nd overall after painting and sport scores, so very happy with that for my first KoW tourney


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