Sons of Ursun

Varik´s aim was true, the arrow hit the chaos warrior square in the chest. To his dismay however, the arrow ricochet harmlessly off the heavily armored man, accomplishing only to draw the attention of the chaos warrior. The gruesome helmet turned towards Varik, and bellowing a guttural war-cry, the man started walking towards him. The same repeated itself with the arrows of his comrades as well. Only very few arrows had penetrated between cracks in the armor, and even then, most of the enemy warriors kept advancing. 

“Ready ax!” Varik shouted to his fellow Kossars. 
It was a slow charge, the Kossars not wanting to abandon their high ground, and the enemy warriors calmly walking up the hill to reach them. When the lines clashed however, it felt like getting hit by a glacier. The enemy soldiers were of inhuman size and strength. Their heavy armor turned even heavy axe-blows aside, and their cruel weapons reaped a heavy toll on the Kislev woodsmen. 

Varik found himself in combat with the enemy champion. He struck out with his axe, but missed as his foe moved with unnatural speed, avoiding the blow. Caught of balance, Varik almost met his end at the hands of the chaos champion. 
Two of his men came charging to his rescue, but the chaos champion swung his long sword masterly, gutting one and lopping the head of the second. 
Getting to his feet, Varik struck out again, this time hitting the chaos champion in the chest, sending him sprawling backwards, the blade of his axe sending a spray of sparks when it hit the breastplate. Varik used the second of respite to look around. All along the line, his men were being slaughtered. They had no chance against these inhuman armored warriors. The fear he had kept away until now started to creep into every part of him. 
The chaos champion seemed to feel his fear. He held his weapon at his side and spoke in a hoarse voice.
“You have fought well, yield your hopeless fight and join the true Gods, and you will not only live, but be part of our immediate victory.” 
“Never, die foul chaos scum!” He shouted back, lunging at the enemy champion. 
His blow was turned away, the axe thrown from his hands. He lay on his back, staring with defiance into armored face of the man who would end his life. Then he felt it, the ground was shaking. First he thought it must be more enemy soliders, but then he heard the sound as well. Weak at first, but rapidly growing stronger was a shrieking sound. 
“Khorne would have apprechiated a man like you, what a waste.” The chaos champion said.
“My soul belongs to Ursun! Feel his might!” Varik screamed of all his might. 
The chaos champion looked at him, bemused at first, but then his gaze turned upwards as he too felt the ground tremble.

Thundering out of the forest came giant armored dire bears, pushing large trees aside, sending wood splintering. Atop of each sat men in full plate armor, wielding large axes glowing with magical energy. The large back-banners on each man, clad in jet black gryphon feathers, created a terrifying shriek as they charged. With surprising speed and agility, the bears passed between the remaining kossars before crashing into the chaos warriors. It was an awe-inspiring sight, the bears tossed the large men around like toys, crushing their heavy armor like leaves and ripping chunks out with their jaws and claws. The men on top swung their huge axes, the magical blades cutting down chaos warriors left and right. A few chaos warriors managed to fight back, hacking with their vile weapons against fur and armor. Their weapons could not find weakness in the Kislevites armor though, and the bears hardly seemed to notice the flesh-wounds inflicted. The chaos warriors swiftly meet their end at the skilled blades of the riders. Totally outmatched by the martial masters and decimated by the brutal fury of the dire bears, the chaos warriors turned and tried in vain to flee from the onslaught. 

His banes-man distracted, Varik rolled away and got to his feet, picking up his axe.
“What is this?” The enemy champion uttered in disbelief as his forces were ripped apart.
Gripping his axe with both hands and putting all his weight behind the strike, Varik hit the chaos champion across the side of his face, sending his helmet flying and knocking the big warrior over.
Standing over his fallen foe, Varik raised his axe over his head.
“Those are the Sons of Ursun, send his regards to your petty Gods!”

Click images for larger view:

Finally managed to take some ok-ish pictures of these guys, my Sons of Ursun. They were a real pain in the ass to photograph. For the backstory on the Sons and a look at the conversion stage, take a look at my previous post: Sons of Ursun Conversions The short explanation is that they are based on Mierce´s Kraan, Untained of Baalor with some Maxmini backbanners, some greenstuff and Kislev Gryphon Legion heads.

They are played as a honor guard horde in my League army, which fits them very well. Lots of attacks, thunderous charge 2 and crushing strength 1. They have performed very well in games, being a unit that can do really dangerous amount of damage from the front. I play them with potion of speed, giving them speed 8, which I think is critical for these guys. They really don´t want to get charged, and the extra speed also help getting them into the fray, which is what you want with a 300+pts unit.

I added some chaos bits to the base, showing that they have recently crushed a chaos force, and are now continuing their advance. I like this addition to their base, it brings just that little extra bit of interest to the basing, so I will go back to all my previous bases to add little trinkets, broken weapons etc. from their fallen enemies.

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  1. Nice job on the details, man! It actually boggles my mind that someone can paint details on that small of a figure. Again, awe inspiring work.

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