Gorechosen Orruk Megaboss

The orruks were defeated, the sons of Khorne had met their fury and brutality with their own, and the outnumbered orruks had met their match. However, in the middle of the orruk camp, one huge orruk still fought on, standing on a pile of dead orruks and bloodsworn. Like a lone lion among a horde of hyenas, it roared in defiance, sweeping away multiple bloodsworn with each swipe of it´s giant ax.

Skarbrand relished in the spectacle as over twenty bloodsworn charged at the orruk simultaneously, the orruk almost disappearing in their bodies. The air rang with the sound of metal on metal, grunts and shouts. Skarbrand was ready to leave for new battlegrounds when the giant cleaver suddenly ripped through seven of the bloodsworn, clearing a hole to watch the rest of the brutal show. The orruk fought like a wounded beast, using the bulky armour as a weapon. A marauder caught a knee to the face and flipped backwards by the force of the blow, his face smashed to bits. Another was beheaded by the spiked fist, two more gutted by the iron jaws. In moments, the attackers were all dead, adding to the now almost 20″ high pile of bodies the orruk dominated. 

Blood dripping from multiple wounds, the orruk still stood tall atop the spire of the dead, roaring a challenge to the hundreds of bloodsworn still gathered around it. Skarbrand was impressed. This creature was clearly gifted by Khorne, with such martial prowess. He approached the beast and spoke. 
“You have fought with the fury and prowess of Khorne today, I grant you life and the right to join our cause.”
“Ha! It not Red ‘uns to give! I kill all weak ‘umies, then kill Red ‘un if me wants. Me not want life, me want fight!”
Skarbrand laughed at the mad defiance of the beast.
“If you want fight, I can give you fight! Come with me and I will have you among my Gorechosen. You will fight the mightiest champions of Khorne in the arena every day for the rest of your life!”
“Smash spiky ‘umies forever?”
The orruk grinned, baring it´s long fangs. 
“Red ‘un got deal”

I got the Orruk Megaboss for cheap in a trade. Although I really like the new, more upright and brutal looking orks, I don´t have a desire to start an army of them. The Megaboss however looks like he would enjoy himself in a hellish arena of death, fighting worthy foes every day for the rest of his life. What a life for an orruk!
So he gets to join the Gorechosen.

I skipped NMM on him, wanting to try out the gritty style inspired by stuff like this awesome orruk backbreaker , which uses texture to get a more realistic and gritty look. To that effect, I used textured paint on areas of his armour which would be rusty, and also on areas that would be covered in blood and gore, like his giant ax. I might touch up his warpaint with crackle medium when I get me some.

I will be posting up a custom Gorechosen character card for him soon. Based on his AoS rules, I am planning to make him stronger for each character he kills. He will also probably have a similar rule as the Exalted Deathbringer´s ripper weapon, as he has a very similar weapon himself.

Click images for larger view:


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