The Norscans are coming!

Unhappy that my Kislev army did not have a proper chaos army to fight, I decided that the only way to get something done is to do it yourself. Thus I have started to build a Norscan chaos army. They will play as Varangur in Kings of War. I painted up some lovely Avatars of War miniatures to test out a color scheme. I wanted something that was quick to paint and that gave off a dark vibe. I went for plain metallic armour to give them a realistic look, but paired it with a very light, purple-ish skintone. In the far north, there is not enough sun to get a healthy looking tan.
Click to view larger images:

I am planning to put quite a bit of effort into basing on this army. I want to try to create more mini-dioramas, and I want the army to tell a story. I have not decided fully on the basing theme yet. I am thinking that the army will be in the middle of fighting / raiding a small town in the winter, allowing me to connect them closer to their viking inspirational roots.

Other options include having recently won a battle against an empire army, or raiding a much more urban town. Wilder ideas include wading ashore from their longships, but then they might look too different from my Kislev army´s basing. There is of course also the option to base them exactly the same as the Kislev army, but the wilderness tundra look leaves less options for storytelling.

The Avatars of War miniatures are really great and characterful, but they are cast in a soft-ish metal, so the thinner parts are very bendy. I think they would be even better if they were cast in resin. However, the manhunter (the almost naked lady) is one of my favorite all time miniatures. She just oozes bad-ass. The other two are also great, and all three will certainly be found in central spots on multi-bases in the future.

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