Kislev Battle Standard Bearer

The pulk rota bearer (army standard bearer) is one of the most important men in a Kislev pulk. An army´s standard is an ancient heirloom that has depicts the history of the pulk, it´s great victories and battle honors. It is such a great honor to be chosen as the rota bearer. Tradionally, the standard bearers are of Gospodar decent. In Tzarina Katarin´s army however, Chag Helsin, a famous Ungol tribe leader has won the honor of carring the standard. This has created resentment amongst Gospodar nobility, but has won Katarin a great deal of respect from the Ungols. 

Standard bearers are very useful in KoW, they are cheap, inspires nearby troops and with magic items, can also add direct support or direct damage. While I used to think that in the League of Rhordia list, the standard was a bad alternative to the mounted baron, games have shown me that there is room for both. The problem with the baron is that he does not inspire “halflings”. Since I use horse archers, scouts and volley guns, that has often been an issue when I use him. One thing that is a bit sad about how BSBs play in KoW is that they very often are thrown in the way of something to slow it down, hardly the way standards were used on real battlefields.

The standard bearer is made from the Vostroyan standard bearer with winged lancer legs. The original figure screamed Kislev except for some techy details. I removed most hints of his old occupation, with the exception of the imperial eagle on the backside of the banner. It is now a double headed eagle of Mishka 🙂

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