Second unit of Droyaska

I had enough of the Mordheim Kislevites to make another unit of Droyaska. This unit is slightly less flashy than the last, as they are missing an Ulrika level character. I am still happy with the look of the unit however, I think they look like a Kislev war dancer unit. Check out Droyaska – Kislev weaponmaster infantry for the background fluff for these units.

Since there are fairly limited amount of sculpts made for Mordheim Kislevites, and almost all of them have the same pose to enable them all to use the two handed halberd, I had to do my fair share of converting on these two units to make them composed of individuals and not clones. While I don´t love all the conversions, I think the overall end result is good. The two guys on the right of the unit are for example the exact same miniature, but IMO, they look like two very distinct minis.



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