Zombie apocalypse mood shots

These photos were found by survivors ten years after day-Z. They tell the tale of some of those that did not make it.

A zombie horde emerges from an alley between two buildings ruined in the chaotic rioting that happened after society and order collapsed. This is no longer a place for children.
A survivor looking for loot instead finds his own last stand as the container opens to reveal a zombie infestation. 
Government remnants barricaded in an abandoned gas station. Emergency responders quickly donned hazmat suits to protect themselves from the virus. Heavy weaponry soon followed as our protectors quickly turned to our worst enemies. They shot even the healthy ones out of fear…. 
Guns make noise, and noise attracts zombies… this survivor preferred the stealthier kill of the blade. You can also see how the government tried to “resolve” the situation in our city. Nukes…


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