The walking dead: City-slicker

Derek had left the group behind in the hunting store, telling them to stay put while he ran on a scavenging run. Grabbing a pair of hatchets and fashioning a makeshift padded armor with scraps from the hunting store, he snuck past the walker herd outside.  They were not far from a biker bar which […]

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Zombicide Survivors and Horde

The Zombicide survivors are really great miniatures to be boardgame pieces. I have been looking at the “This Is Not a Test” ruleset for playing Post-Apoc games and I decided to do some converting on a few of the survivors to make them less “just happened” and more “we forgot what really happened” so they […]

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Kislev Ice Sorceress

I really like this Bretonnian Damsel model, it is certainly one of GW´s best female sculpts, defying the standard “crossdresser” look that many older GW female models suffered from. She fits very well as an Ice Sorceress in my Kislev army. The only part of the sculpt that was poor was the staff head, so […]

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