The walking dead: City-slicker

20180506_135507.jpgDerek had left the group behind in the hunting store, telling them to stay put while he ran on a scavenging run. Grabbing a pair of hatchets and fashioning a makeshift padded armor with scraps from the hunting store, he snuck past the walker herd outside. 

They were not far from a biker bar which the Crows often frequented. If he was to find some of his brothers, that was the best place to search nearby. Then he could leave these losers behind. He had to admit that he had been impressed with Carlita though. That little girl managing to escape from a herd of walkers on her own.. there was potential there.. she could become an honorary Crow, kind of a mascot he thought.

But first, he had to navigate the walker-filled streets of Atlanta. 20180506_135457.jpgThe next mission is for a single character to cross the field. The mission is originally meant for Rick on his horse. With my group, Derek only trusts his iron horse, which he has not recovered, so I instead loaded him up with gear. Since I had gotten three supply tokens in the last mission, I also got a few extra points to spend. He got two hatchets and a leather jacked with makeshift padding. I spent his two experience directly on adding to his melee score, making him a real melee powerhouse with 2 red dice and 3 white dice. The threat tracker starts at 4, and with only one character, “hold your nerve” is not really an option, so I have to move quickly and decisively.
20180506_135806.jpgDerek moves up and searches the red car, pulling in a zed. Having not really warmed up, he barely managed to knock it over.
The next walker, being in Derek´s way from searching the white car, is not so lucky and get´s decapitated.
“Wow, look at his head just flying off! Derek was starting to enjoy himself. For a man like himself, the apocalypse wasn´t that bad. He got to kill anyone he wanted, which he was becoming fairly proficient in, he got to boss people around and grab anything he saw. 

As a car alarm suddenly started going off, drawing a herd of walkers away from his path, he smiled. Everything was coming up Derek!
A walker shambled towards him, heading for the car alarm, and he knocked her on her back. Another woman stumbled towards him as well. He considered bashing her brains in for fun, but it was starting to get dark, so he instead ran over to another car, searching the boot, finding a backpack with some snacks. 
Taking one last look behind him, he used the blaring car alarm to his advantage and made his way to the biker bar. 

In pretty much an opposite way of the last game, an event card came off that worked incredibly in my favor. A car alarm going off early pulled pretty much all the walkers out of the way, and I just had to give up that one supply token to walk into an easy win in the mission, only killing a single walker on the way. Even when four new walkers arrived late, I randomized where they entered, and they all arrived from the bottom edge, making them totally irrelevant.
Derek got another XP from the scenario, leaving him with 3 XP. I traded two red dice for a white that is added to his melee score.


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