40k logistics truck

After finishing up the riveting work on these guys, I just couldn’t help myself and had to paint them up. With rivets added, I think they fit into the 40k universe perfectly. The rugged, aggressive design making even a logistics truck look menacing. The riveting work is not perfect, and I spot some areas that need more weathering, but from a normal table-distance, they certainly already pass the bar. I am hoping to find the opportunity to get them on the table for a game soon.

Warhammer 40k logistics / troop truck

Since I am very happy with the new scheme for my PDF / renegade vehicles, I also decided to experiment with the same scheme on the infantry. I had originally landed on a grey/green scheme (left), but I am now convinced that the tan/green (right) scheme is superior. And if somebody disagrees, might as well keep it for yourself, as I have already painted up 22 in the new scheme, with another 30 currently base coated 😀

Two warhammer 40k renegade guardsmen in front of a troop truck

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