Battle for Vogen 06 – Cut off the head

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Planet: Khai-Zhann (Agri-world)
Location: Southern Rim – Ashshore district 4

Major General Mattius Serpathion, commander in chief of PDF forces in Ashshore stepped out of the staff car, flanked by his body guards. Two highwayman APCs with PDF troopers had already unloaded, and the troopers were securing the area.

An scruffy man in the robes of a tech acolyte walked up to them after being accredited and searched by the troopers.
“Good to see you sir, I am the foreman at the manufactorium. Prefectus van Hilder ordered me to escort you to the rendevous.”
Mattius ignored the man’s outstreched hand.
“Fine, lead on.”

The general and his retinue meet with the Manufactorium foreman

The group followed the man deeper into the manufactorium, keeping a brisk speed and scanning the area for hostiles. But there were nobody around. They were deep inside the secure zone, so that was hardly a surprise to the general. However, something still felt wrong. He stopped the foreman and called over his vox man.
“Call up the Prefect office again, request confirmation on the location.”

He scanned the environment again. The only movement was from machinery and robots. Then it hit him, and he spun to face the foreman.
“Where are the workers?”
The man was already turning a corner at full speed, disappearing in the maze of steaming pipework, but he caught a glimpse of the man’s eyes that told him everything.
“It’s an ambush! Back to the vehicles!”

Generals retinue
General Mattius Serpathion, power weapon, plasma pistol
2x Body guards, carapace, melta, plasma
2×3 PDF guardsmen, grenade launcher, flamer
1x PDF specialist, grenade launcher
1x PDF veteran sergeant, plasma pistol

Warp Talon
Tactical marine
4×3 insurgents, ccw+pistol

The General’s retinue quickly forms up in fire teams and starts making their way back to the transports
The ambushers reveal themselves. Lots of armed civilians and a space marine blocks the way to the transports.
The generals’s retinue are in the top right, with armed civilians moving in from both directions
The trained soldiers draw first blood, starting to reduce the insurgent horde
On the factory roof, a lone man moves into position
The crack of a hotshot sniper rifle signals the first PDF casualty. One of the special weapon troopers going down.
A few more of the insurgents are downed, but they are still charging in from several directions
The insurgents charge into the guardsmen, two men on both sides going down in the melee
The loud whine of jet engines signal the arrival of a second space marine, who are these super soldiers, and why do they support the insurgents?
Move move move! The general dispatched another insurgent with ease, his power sword slicing the man’s head straight off his shoulders.
Surrounded by a few body guards, he moves through the waste piles to get closer to safety
The meltagun bodyguard makes ready to take on the newly arrived space marine, tracking the clanging foot steps high above. However, the sniper above does the same to him, and he drops to the floor as the hotshot las hits him. Protected by his carapace armour, he rolls onto his back, trying to bring up his gun, just in time to see 400kgs of adamantium dropping from high above. With a huge clang, the meltagunner is turned into a red splash beneath the bulk of the space marine
“Take him out, now!” The plasma bodyguard snaps around and opens up on the marine. Even adamantium can’t handle the superheated plasma, several gaping wounds being torn in the marine’s armour. However, the marine still stands, and before he can open up again, the bodyguard is taken out by the sniper.

The plasma gunner takes the warp talon down to his last wound, but the chaos forces are all mingled up in the imperial group, and firepower is dwindling fast. They have little to follow up with.

With an inhuman shriek, the marine lunges into combat with the general and his last bodyguard. The general’s refractor field holds against the lightning claws, but the bodyguard is not so lucky, losing his arm and plasma pistol to the powered claws. Mattius cut and thrust at the marine, but both hits were blocked by the crackling lightning claws.

This was an insane combat. The warp talon split his attacks, and got two hits on Mattius, who was on one wound left, but Mattius saved both on 6+. Hitting back, Mattius put two wounds on the warp talon too, and he was also on his last wound. However, he also managed two 6+ saves, leaving both main combatants standing, and just the sergeant, with the last plasma pistol, torn to pieces.

Using the opportunity to evade the marine while his body guard is slaughtered, general Mattius tumbled through the waste piles. An insurgent charged towards him, but a guardsman bathed him in promethium flames, leaving just the space marine in his way.
The marine laughed in contempt as Mattius charged him. A puny human against the augmented super human. Reaching out with a kick that would flatten a man, the marine had underestimated Mattius. The general dodged below the massive boot, striking upwards with his power sword, he lopped off the marine’s right arm at the elbow, following up with a strike to the back of his knee that dropped the massive warrior
The rearguard is overwhelmed as general Mattius dashes for safety. The last two standing guardsmen throwing down their weapons in a hope for mercy
Just as Mattius thought he could reach the safety of the transports, the inhuman shriek tore the air, making him drop to the ground, covering his bleeding ears. The second space marine smashed down beside him, ripping the power sword from his hands before punching him in the face, knocking him out cold.

Another cinematic battle! The warp talon and sniper really pulled the chaos team, while the horde of insurgents busied the imperials. The imperials had some bad luck in the beginning, killing just two insurgents in the initial two volleys, and failing some clutch saves against the sniper, which left them in a bad position when the close combat started on all fronts. They really needed a sniper of their own to take up the sniper fight. General Mattius did his best, cutting down 3 insurgents, nearly killing the warp talon and even dispatching a marine before he finally bit the dust.

Just a few hours after the skirmish, the area had no trace of the ambush to a casual observer. Nobody in Ashshore HQ knew where the general had gone. However, a day after the generals disappearance, a vox message signed with the generals personal security code, and spoken in the voice of Mattius went out to all PDF units in Ashshore.

“This is general Mattius. All units in Ashshore stand down, do not engage any civilians. Khai-Zhan belongs to the people, not to the corrupt government. This is a legal resistance to the tyrannical rule of governor Kadulus!”

With the general in charge of Ashshore captured and coerced to give the order to stand down, the defending PDF forces were thrown into disarray. Some units followed the orders of the general, laying down their arms, or joining the rebels, some continued fighting, and some waited to see what happened next.

Captain Schneider shook his head. “What the hell is this? How can the general just swap sides from one day to the next? I called up HQ to confirm, but they are saying that the general is unavailable right now, and to just hold tight. Sounded like there was total confusion in the background too!”
“We have both seen what kind of enemy we fight. This is no normal resistance movement. They make use of unnatural monsters for Emperors sake!” Jeager cut in.
“You are right of course, the general has either betrayed the Imperium, or HQ is compromised in some way, but what should we do now?”
“Lets gather the men, we have to decide the next step together.”

So please drop a vote on the next action for the 176th/32nd PDF regiments and help decide the fate of Ashshore.

4 thoughts on “Battle for Vogen 06 – Cut off the head

  1. Nice report
    Thank you for sharing
    PS: For this game I didn’t understand what system of rules you used. Grimdark Future, GF: Firefight or Kill team 2021?


    1. Thank you. I tried out GF: Firefight for this game, with some custom made units to make it feel even more 40k, like adding rapid fire to all rifles. Worked like a charm.


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