PDF armoured fighting vehicles

When I got my transport trucks from Old Crow, I also took the opportunity to buy a bunch of the other tanks, as I enjoy their designs. However, while the trucks could be used just fine with some added rivets, the tanks were just way too small. Being more realistic 25mm scaled, their profile was too low and they are just too slender to fit into 40k. To fix the issue, I bought some tracks from Ramshackle, and with some plasticcard added on, they are now very similar to a chimera in all size aspects, being clumpy and boxy little things.

These AFVs will be PDF / renegade tanks. They come with a lot of options for armament, and can as such work as IFVs, SPG, rocket artillery, AA and tank hunters. Some match the 40k counterparts very well, just missing the hull weapon for now, while others will get proper stats made as needed.

I am currently in the middle of riveting them up. This time, I have not counted the amount needed, as that would just sap my will to live. I am about half way there now, and adding a rivet here and there when I have the opportunity. After riveting, there is some magnetizing to do, so they can swap allegiance and weaponry at will. I need to procure some alligeance markings, so if anybody know a source of vehicle sized Aquilas and chaos icons / trophies, please let me know. 3d print files or brass etch welcome as well.

The Khai-Zhan PDF is outfitted with mainly Urdeshi pattern vehicles, chosen by the Munitorium in its infinite wisdom for use on the water world of Khai-Zhan, even though no Urdeshi vehicles sport amphibious capabilities. For their medium armour, the Urdeshi MAV-35 (medium armoured vehicle, 35 tonnes) is used as the base vehicle for a wide range of variants.


The “Outlaw” is the standard infantry fighting vehicle, the PDF chimera stand-in. The Outlaw is armed with a multi-laser and co-axial heavy stubber. It has similar protection as a chimera, able to survive auto-cannon fire to the front, and with decent protection against small arms from the sides and rear. It has a transport capacity of 12 fully loaded soldiers, and it can also be outfitted as a command vehicle.

Being the most numerous AFV on Vogen, it was used extensively by both sides in the conflict. The badlands warfare saw especially heavy use and loss of these vehicles. Several improvised variants, with additional armour or alternative weaponry were seen used by the renegades. Outlaw turrets were even mounted on civilian vehicles to make effective technicals.

I have not added any spot for a hull-mounted weapon, so open for ideas on how to get a heavy flamer / heavy bolter somewhere on this tank. One thought is to swap the heavy stubber for a heavy flamer / bolter, and add a pintle weapon instead. However, as it will probably end up mostly used in Grimdark future, I can live without it too.


The AA version comes in three different shapes, all radar guided. The “Offender” with quad 30mm autocannon, excellent for engaging light skimmers and other low-flyers, as well as insurgents on roof-tops. Both sides used Offenders to protect tank columns from infantry attacks.

The “Desperado” mounts twin 30mm autocannons and twin AA-missilepods. It is able to engage aircraft at higher altitudes than the Offender, but with less firepower that can be used against infantry.

The “Transgressor” with dedicated AA-rockets. It is unable to engage any ground targets at all, but it’s FlaRok-6 launcher has a much longer range than the other SPAA versions, able to engage targets up to 10km in the sky. The rocket payload is much heavier than the Desperado missiles, allowing it to engage even superheavy fliers.

One event of note involving the Trangressor was when a battery of them downed two Marauder bombers during a CAS mission in the badlands, driving the Imperial navy force off their target, allowing an armoured renegade force to retake the Paradise Haven promethium fields.


The “Usurper” is the basilisk equivalent self-propelled big gun in use with the Khai-Zhan PDF. Armed with a 160mm howitzer, a battery of Usurpers is a serious threat to infantry formations. During the Vogen rebellion, several Usurpers were also used as assault guns, especially by the rebels, their big caliber guns turning fortified positions to rubble in no time. However, with weak armour compared to main battle tanks, many were lost in the urban fighting.


The “Sinner” is rare, but perhaps the most brutal of the MAV-35 family. Armed with a 32-barrel thermobaric rocket launcher system, it can incinerate a large area with a full barrage. Entire companies of infantry were lost to these weapons on Khai-Zhan.

The way the consecrated promethium payload is spread over an area, igniting the very air itself, means that practically no cover is proof against this weapon of mass destruction, save for airtight bunkers or AFVs, or being deep underground. For Imperial vulture and vendetta pilots, bagging one of these was a high priority while hunting on Khai-Zhan, and rebel forces set entire battle groups to hunt them down to destroy, or preferably capture, the potent engines.

A few of these vehicles were commandeered by Ecclessiarchy forces in the defence of the Catedral of Holy Saints. The surviving vehicles were not returned to the PDF, remaining in use supporting the sister of battle with purifying fire for the heretic hordes.

Tank hunter

Armed with twin lascannons, the low profile “Rogue” tank hunter is a serious threat to enemy armour. Often lying in wait, camouflaged in the rubble of Vogen city, the enemy’s first sight of them is often when two bright-blue laser beams incinerate the lead vehicle of the column. While lightly armoured compared to main battle tanks, the “Rogue” is the most heavily armoured version of the Outlaw family, with upgraded frontal plate comparable to a Predator tank. The sides and rear of the vehicle however are bog standard, only rated against small arms.

The extra protection comes at a cost, bringing the vehicle to above 45 tonnes. With it’s standard engine and transmission, the Rogue is overloaded and slow compared to the other MAV-35 variants.

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