Speedpainting Norscan Marauders

I have not been able to find any awesome fantasy viking miniatures to make my Norse marauders from out of the box (possible exception with Red Box games Norse, but too expensive for building double hordes of), Instead, I have converted up 60-ish Norscan marauders from a variety of sources, including: Russian Alternative, GW, Reaper […]

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Second unit of Droyaska

I had enough of the Mordheim Kislevites to make another unit of Droyaska. This unit is slightly less flashy than the last, as they are missing an Ulrika level character. I am still happy with the look of the unit however, I think they look like a Kislev war dancer unit. Check out Droyaska – Kislev […]

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Kislev Battle Standard Bearer

The pulk rota bearer (army standard bearer) is one of the most important men in a Kislev pulk. An army´s standard is an ancient heirloom that has depicts the history of the pulk, it´s great victories and battle honors. It is such a great honor to be chosen as the rota bearer. Tradionally, the standard […]

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The Norscans are coming!

Unhappy that my Kislev army did not have a proper chaos army to fight, I decided that the only way to get something done is to do it yourself. Thus I have started to build a Norscan chaos army. They will play as Varangur in Kings of War. I painted up some lovely Avatars of […]

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Doubles, Kislev Ostland Alliance – Game 1 vs Undead and Abyssal dwarves, Ransack

I recently joined a one-day doubles tourney together with my friend Eirik´s Ostlanders. We were designated as team “Mostly harmless”, which fit with our outlook. We were most focused on having a great looking army and having fun. Of course, we were not planning to roll over, but there were several list pairs that sounded […]

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League of Rhordia vs Orks – Eliminate

Kislev Army:  Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez, diadem of dragonfire (Tzarina Katarin on ice dragon) Wizard, bane-chant, inspiring crown (ice sorceress) Baron on horse, sword of striking (boyar) Household knights regiment, helmet of the ram (winged lancers) Household knights regiment, potion of catterpillar (winged lancers) Household knights troop (winged lancers) Honour Guard horde, brew of […]

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