Mordheim Marienburger campaign -Prologue

riverbargeBaron Willem van Dorn stared into the dark and foggy forest which was stretching as far as the eye could see away from the river bank.
“So we follow the eastern tributary until we find the logging camp, and then we continue straight north for about a day?”
The baron didn’t turn to look at the man behind him as he spoke.
“Yes! I saw it with my own eyes! A part of the comet must have struck down there. It was a big clearing where the trees are charred and the ground glows with green rocks!”
The baron tapped his fingers rhythmically on the wood railing of the ship, nodding slowly.
He swiped his fingers in a signal to the man behind the forester.
“Wait! What are you doing? Noooo!”
The forester let out a scream that was immediately cut short by a huge splash and then by gurgling noises.

“It is a shame to waste good commodities.”
Jan Brinker looked over the railing where he had just thrown a man overboard. The river was shallow here, and the water ran clear. He locked eyes with the wide panic-stricken eyes of the forester. He was frantically trying to fight his way out of the thick ropes that bound him to a big rock. It was a battle the forester was quickly losing.
“There are greater riches to be had in Ostermark my friend.” The baron replied, making the sign of Manaan, the God of the seas and the tides.
“And in dangerous lands, I would rather have the blessing of Gods than a few extra crowns.”
Jan made the sign of Manaan over his chest as the forester’s short fight came to an end.
“Of course my Lord. I will ready the men.”


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