Mordheim Marienburgers WIP

I´ve been reorganising my hobby space lately, using “Kondo”-methods to reduce my pile of unused plastics to make room for new things that will bring me more joy. A part of this method is to make things visible. So I have dug through all cardboard boxes in my basement and moved all army projects to see-through cases in my loft hobby-room.

During this process, I dug through my empire purchases, and a bunch of minis that sparked a lot of joy showed up. Having followed the amazing “Mordheim 2019” project, I decided that I could use a break from painting hordes of minis for Kings of war, and instead paint some amazing minis for a Mordheim warband.

I had a few Marienburg minis and some empire minis with the flashy puffed sleeve style, so I quickly decided to go for a fabulous and colourful Marienburger warband.

Mordheim marienburg warband WIPThe Captain is a Noble from warhammer quest. I was surprised by the sharpness of the details on the sculpt, the puffed sleeves are really great and paint up easily.

The youngblood with the hammer is an artillery crewman with a weapon conversion. Again lots of character in the sculpt of even a lowly crewman. He is now a young noble son out on adventures to gain wealth and experience.

The strapping lady is from Westfalia minis and she is a perfect match for the GW duelist. They are so similar in style that I almost think she was made to fit with them. The pair will be swordsmen or possibly early game champions.

The archers are a “Bergsjaeger” and a “Forstjaeger” from the golden age of GW empire minis. The Forstjeager is the armoured fella. I really love the mini, wish the Perry´s could stop making historicals and instead go back to sculpting this style of minis. They will of course be marksmen.

Rounding up the group are two mordheim marienburgers. I believe they might have been youngbloods, but they will just be henchmen (fighters?) as they are a bit too “samey” for being characters. Still, cool minis, the daggers are cool, and they have neat details such as climbing ropes.

mordheim_marienburg_warband_wip2.jpgThe next group up at the painting table bring some more experienced champions, a hegde-warlock and some more henchmen.



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