Allor the Amber Wizard

My latest addition to the army is an Amber Wizard. I don´t love the original miniature, but he is old GW and has a bear skin on his head, so he had to be included anyhow. Not everybody can be a fashion model I guess. The original miniature has a stupid gaping mouth that was […]

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Kislev Ice Sorceress

I really like this Bretonnian Damsel model, it is certainly one of GW´s best female sculpts, defying the standard “crossdresser” look that many older GW female models suffered from. She fits very well as an Ice Sorceress in my Kislev army. The only part of the sculpt that was poor was the staff head, so […]

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Ice Queen Exalted

The year 2518 As the incursions of Chaos along the northern borders of Kislev grew more frequent and the shamans of the Ungol foretold an endless tide of Chaos, led by an everchosen champion, Tzarina Katarin disappeared from the Bokha palace. For months, nothing was seen or hear from the Ice Queen. Her advisors grew […]

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Winged Lancers Troop

Managed to sling some mud on the troop of Winged Lancers, so calling these guys finished for now. This unit has been converted to be mid-charge, lances leveled, ready to impale some chaos scum. Unfortunately, I really like the leveled lance look, so I have just bought myself that much more work with the Dremel for […]

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Candid butt shots (dragon WIP)

Some paparazzi managed to sneak some candid shots of the most awaited butt on the internet: Or in other words, I have started painting the Ice Dragon. The dragon is “Bahamut King of Dragons” from D&D attack wing. I wanted a dynamic and flying dragon as a mount for my Ice queen, but struggled with […]

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Lots of cavalry

The mounted part of my army is nearing completion. Two full regiments and a troop of winged lancers supported by three troops of ungol horse archers. I went for a troop of lancers since my Attilian rough rider auction win unfortunately never turned up, so the ungol lancer unit has been postponed. As I have […]

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Ice Queen on Frost Dragon Teaser

I am closing in on being finished with my Ice Queen Tzarina Katarin on a frost dragon. I spotted some issues with her hair when I primed it, but other than that, the conversion is finished. IMO, a pretty good improvement over the stock Ice Queen model at least (worst model in the Kislev range). The […]

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First finished Kislev unit

Finally got the test unit finished to an acceptable state. Might add some more weathering later, maybe some blood, bruises and more grime, but need to work on my weathering techniques before I continue with that. I will probably also add bow strings to the army if I can find a good and quick option […]

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Batch painting horse madness

Allright, they are finally done, a total of 35 chaos marauder horses have been de-chaosified with only minor cuts and bruises from the process, and are now also all painted! It has been a huge chore, but man do they look way better than the monopose old GW horses. Of the 35 horses, 15 will be […]

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