King´s Cup 18 – Game 1 vs Orcs

Game 1 vs Orks – Secure My list: 2x Bloodsworn hordes, fury 1x Fallen horde 2x Magus conclaves 2x Devourer, breath 1x Cave dweller 1x Troll king 1x Magus, bane-chant, inspiring 1x Magnhilde Opponents list (missing some items):  1x Ax horde 1x Moreax regiment 2x Greatax regiments 1x Troll horde, fury 1x Gore riders regiment […]

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Norscan Warhost ready for War!

I had a tourney last weekend where I wanted to use my Norscan Varangur army. The goal with my Norscan army was to get a playable 2k force ready fast, as closing projects is something I have been fairly bad at. While I will not close the Norscan army project for new units, reaching 2k […]

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Norscan marauder hordes

The coastline of the fertile lands in the south is an affluent area, home to many coastal trading cities and fishing hamlets. But while the seas bring riches from trade and from the bounty beneath the waves, it is also home to a danger that grows greater every year. For from across the stormy and […]

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Speedpainting Norscan Marauders

I have not been able to find any awesome fantasy viking miniatures to make my Norse marauders from out of the box (possible exception with Red Box games Norse, but too expensive for building double hordes of), Instead, I have converted up 60-ish Norscan marauders from a variety of sources, including: Russian Alternative, GW, Reaper […]

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The Norscans are coming!

Unhappy that my Kislev army did not have a proper chaos army to fight, I decided that the only way to get something done is to do it yourself. Thus I have started to build a Norscan chaos army. They will play as Varangur in Kings of War. I painted up some lovely Avatars of […]

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